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Great looking clubs!  I'd love a set of AP2s... but couldn't quite stomach the price.  The TM TPs I'm playing are a good playing substitute, but no match for the feel of the AP2.   Do you find you have a big gap between your 52 and 62?  I've got a 20 yard gap between my 52 and my 60.
  I did not say one was better than the other.  I in fact prefer the sound and feel of the older model, too.
The feel, look and sound are much more noticable than the performance difference.  I really liked the Superfast TP 1.0.
I currently play an old (awesome) R7 TP TS (tour spoon) that is 13 degrees.  This club is a cannon, and I really have grown to love it.   I tend to hit the ball high, and carry a 16 degree hybrid.  As a result, the strong 3 wood fits between my driver and hybrid and I use it for tee shots where I want to place the ball between 260 and 280 yards.   To the OP - as another poster mentioned, if you're hitting your driver 240 and your standard 3 wood 200, it's...
A skill that is common among many strong players is the ability to hit a variety of shots with a single club... most particularly the short irons and wedges.  While your approach is certainly unique, you're likely reinforcing the belief that you need a particular club to hit a certain kind of shot.  On the contrary, many teaching professionals advocate the use of fewer wedges (let alone a 64 degree wedge) to develop feel and shot making for finesse shots.   To each...
Congrats to T.S. and the Golf Evolution team.  The stark difference in the photos above is incredible... what a testament to solid instruction as well as player dedication (less than year?!).
    Take a look at the "ball flight laws" and fix the path of the club :)
    I agree with several pots by EverythingGolf here.  "Fixing" a slice should have little to do with rotating or manipulating the hands and clubface.  While an agressive rolling of the wrist may help temporarily cure the slice, a golfer heeding this advice with an out-to-in swing path will end up aligning far right, only to pull hook the ball back into play.  Breaking the muscle memory and alignment issues from here become very difficult.   The OP needs to study the ball...
Let's wait until this get's moved to the appropriate forum. 
    Just found your more recent swing on this site.  Not bad, but certainly a few elements that will affect consistency.  I'll comment on that thread, but a true DTL (down the line) video would help.
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