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You're a 6 index and can't seem to hit your driver straight?  The only thing I find harder to believe than a driving fixing your accuracy is that your current instructor can't help.   Find a new instructor, or post a video of your swing in the 'member swings' forum.  Lots of good players on here.      
    Great advice.   I've taken steps to smooth out my swing and focus more on body turn, less on arms and hand action.  I've lost a club in distance, but picked up a ton of accuracy and control.  Currently hitting a 9 iron 150 rather than the 160 - 165.  Able to trust that distance more often now.
    You can't play anymore due to illness, but you want swing advice?  This doesn't make a ton of sense.
When you get a chance, a caddy view (front) video would be helpful.  It looks like there is a big opportunity to improve your weight transfer (hip bump) and impact position.  If you're hitting pushes and hooks, chances are you are flipping through impact.   Working on moving your hips toward your target and establishing strong forward shaft lean at impact would like be a good place to start.  A front video would help to confirm.  Look for the threads on "hip slide"...
I'm a long ways from a tour player... but have had enough clubs and grips to figure out what I like.  I just regripped my irons to in the basement this spring to test this out.   My clubs have 2 extra wraps under the whole grip, and 5 total wraps under the right hand.  I've normally played midsize with 3 wraps (large hands), but like this quite a bit better.  The extra width on the lower part of the grip improves feel on shorter clubs and finesse shots.  So far, I...
The smaller heads may offer a bit more control to shape shots, but I've found that the larger modern drivers offer move forgiveness on off-center hits.   The larger clubheads allow engineers to increase MOI, which helps reduce side-spin on off-center hits.  Going from my TM R7 TP (425cc) to my R11 TP (440cc) has improved distance and fairways hit.  The size of the head is likely much less of a factor than the shape and weighting.
If you watch both Tiger and Rory closely, you'll notice the connection between their left bicep and their chest.  This results in lower hands (Tiger especially), as well as a larger shoulder turn, earlier in the backswing.  Notice your shoulder turn at 3/4 back (right shoulder in particular) against theirs.  This lifting of your hands/arms reduces lessens this turn.     Notice the orange circles below.  This is the starting position of each players' hands.  You can...
Decreasing the loft opens the face.  Rotate the ASP to "C" for closed, and make sure the heavier weight is in the heel.
 Majorchamp -    I'm a bit late to this thread, but I remember following your swing last year and being really impressed with the timing and fluid nature of your swing.   In the most recent videos, I'm noticing a few things that stand out (many of which are likely not new): Hands moving outside on takeaway Separation of left bicep and chest Lifting of arms on backswing Shallow shoulder plane "Slowness" of hands during downswing   All of...
    I agree with Valleygolfer.  Hogan's book is a good start, and will compliment the athleticism and flexibility you've got.  Getting your weight to move toward the target during the downswing will be a game-changer for you.
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