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I believe it was explained previously that most digital camera sensors process the image top to bottom.  The time differential between this capture process allows the club to travel downward while the senor is capturing the image.    The more lag that is generated, the faster the clubhead is moving, the goofier the picture.  There is an similar image of Tiger out on the interwebs that is equally funny looking.
    I'd be very surprised it it's that much better than the 910D2.  With that said, the R11 I am playing now is accurate and forgiving... almost to a fault.
I'd be almost certain this is nothing to worry about.  The sole is likely thick here to achieve COG, and I'd imagine this type of thing would be a "failure mode" consideration during the design phase if the engineers wanted to reduce thickness in this area to begin with.
I've struggled with balance and recently, shanks as well.   One thing that Erik had mentioned at one point was the "tuck/clench" my butt through and after impact.  I've found that this helps me from coming "off of the wall" (see below) and transition strongly into a solid left heel post.  For me, this has improve my swing path on the way down and greatly reduced the "stuck" position that often leads to shanks.     Give it a try.  Visualize tucking your...
Where are you missing the green, and what type of approach shots do you see most often?  If your GIR is at 30% with game-improvement irons, I don't think a set of $1,000 players cavity irons are the ticket.  
I think the yardage gain is the combination of several factors.  I had the clubhead on my R7 setup fairly heavy as well.  With the additional length of the R11 (approximately 0.50"), a slightly lighter shaft and a lighter and more areodynamic head, this club feels just a bit easier to swing faster.   No doubt it's been a big seller, which was primarily a deterrent from considering it as TM gets quite a bit of flack for excessive marketing and hype, not to mention...
This review may be old hat to many club-hos, but I'm a late adopter of technology (as my golf bag will show).  Because of this, I've been dragging my feet replacing what I felt was a very good driver; my 2006 R7 425 TP.  Plus, I never really cared for the feel of the R9 clubs.     My R7 TP was fit with a Motore F1 75x shaft and have loved the performance of this driver when I was swinging well.  I've hit it against most new clubs, and had yet to find anything that...
Wow... look at the finish on the neck.  Yikes.  I hope it was cheap.
I'd make sure you are keeping stats, and concentrate 70-80% of your practice time to short game.  The ability (or inability) to get up and down is where my strokes seem to be determined.
Search for 'Flying Wedge' and read as much as you can :)
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