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Price drop to $90!  Someone pick this up!
Price dropped to $100.  Heading to eBay soon.
I understand your dilemma, and it's these types of shots and skills that will really help your game progress.  Learning to hit shots that float and sit, versus those that stay down and spin will benefit your skills from any distance.   I'd grab a few large buckets of range balls and dedicate a few days to learning how to play a variety of shots with your current wedges.  Pick a target short of your full shot, and develop confidence hitting different wedges high and...
I am currently playing a set of wedges with lofts similar to what you are thinking (48, 52 and 58).  I dropped by 56 and 60 and consolidated these shots with a 58 degree wedge.  I like the 58, and can play almost all of the shots I want without the extra wedge.   I'd suggest keeping the 48* G (really PW loft) and finding a set of 52/53 and 57/58 wedges with the bounce and shape that fits your eye.   Also... don't forget about the importance of having lies checked...
Watch your video as it transition from :09 to :10.  Your slice is created by a swing path that is across the ball, combined with a face (at impact) that is open relative to this path.   Your setup and backswing look pretty good, and I think a few small drills (some mentioned above) will help you approach the ball from the inside and overcome the left-to-right spin.  If you can post your swing on YouTube, I'll grab it and provide a few visuals.
Over 120 different women.... wait, was that not the stat you were looking for?
Up for sale is a great set of used irons for a mid handicapper.  I used this set while playing in high school tournaments, however after giving up playing during undergrad they sat unused for years.  They are a great option for players looking for a blend of forgiveness and playability with a compact head.   These are shafted with True Temper S300 Stiff shafts (labels have worn quite a bit) and are currently 2 degrees upright.  These clubs can be bent +/- degrees...
I'd like to see the Sharpie paint fix.  I'm interested at this point.
Just wanted to update this thread since the purchase.   I wanted to move from the PX 6.5 to a TTx100, and I found a set that seemed to fit well.  This set was +1/4" with Tour Issue TT x100 shafts and a new set of midsize Golf Pride New Decades.  These sticks were supposedly built by the tour department (had the tour ferrule) and played by a mini tour player in AZ.  Irons were in great shape and I picked them up for $265.   After a few range sessions and 2...
While visiting Napa, I played a round with a bag of Callaway rentals.  The driver was a Diablo Octane 9.5 degree, with the PX labeled stiff shaft.  While not a perfect fit, this driver was a cannon.  I was blown away by the great feel the shaft/head had, and the forgiveness and accuracy of that driver.  Go try one!
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