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Bridgestone's B330-RXS is soft and spins well.
Still not in the same league as Eamonn Darcy!
A classic example being these three:   Ping i20 "Not: A driver designed for better players should have adjustable features." Callaway RAZR Fit "Not: A version made for tour players has even more adjustable options. Why not offer this to the rest of us?" Taylormade R11S "Not: With 80 options, more players might give up well before they find the proper setting."
No idea about Adams (never seen them in the UK), but the Titleist website explains how the SureFit hosel system works to alter lie angle. I belie Ping bend their hybrids to get the required lie angle.
The Ping K15 / G20 series of hybrids can be altered for lie angle, along with the Titleist 910h range.
You could always put some tape over the number "7" on your iron and write an "8" instead!    
Not my worst ever, but an amusing contrast to your round.  I shot a 108 last year with only 26 putts!    
I guess it would be a bad idea to start talking about Nike sweat-shops as well...
But the most pros hit their fairway metals a whole lot further than the average club player anyway...  
If swing-speed is largely irrelevant, then why do Bridgestone / Srixon make initial recommendations based on that factor?
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