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Man, these are beautiful. I've been planning on going to AP2's this spring but I'm going to have to test these as well.
40-40 = 80. Missed a downhill 3 1/2 footer for 79. Had 3 bad shots that kept me from going low. Third 80 in my last 6 rounds.
125 mph club head speed and 25 hcp. I would suggest backing of quite a bit. To be hitting that far and scoring that badly I would assume you aren't hitting very many fairways. I used to have a problem with this. Bombing the ball three miles but out of play isn't worth the few times you actually hit the fairway.
  .I agree 100%.
My main issue is with anchoring, but I think the shortest club rule would be a great way to do it.
Personally, I hope they ban them. I just think anchored putters go against the spirit of a golf stroke.
9: 37 18: 78
Only had one NXT Tours S left in the bag when I got to the course today. I picked up a sleeve of PRO v1x's at the shop. Lost the NXT on the 7th hole and finished up with a PRO V1x. Honestly, I didn't see a glaring difference. It's going to take more than 12 holes to get me to switch..
Comes in 10.5 for you. Is currently $199 at PGA superstore. I've been drooling over this driver for a long time. In my opinion this is the sexiest driver on the market by a long shot.
I never post in this thread, but I shot my lifetime low round! Double bogeyed 18 for 78! The course was Prairie Lakes.
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