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Not golfing weather, but warming up a little at least.
Trying to figure out how to mount ice skates to my front tires for steering on the way home tonight. Almost didn't make it over a bridge on the freeway this morning due to cars spinning out with no traction. I'd rather be golfing, or watching golf on tv. But such is life in the land of frozen tundra.
Local forecast here is for snow, then sleet, and possible freezing rain for the next few days. Buy hey it is sunny and mid-20's degF outside right now so wahoo from the window looking out. (Driving home tonight and tomorrow will be another matter all together)   But the golf show/expo is in town in a couple of weeks, so that will make for a nice distraction. Only bummer to that is on that Saturday we're driving south to Illinois for a grandkid competition, so my golf...
Finally found her Twitter name @CaraRobbo
Yep, it has been hovering above and below zero degree F*#% here for awhile now. Saturday it got up to just below freezing and it felt darn near Springlike. I did buy a basic hitting net on the way home from work yesterday. I think I'll buy some yoga pants and wear them under my regular pants like longjohns and hit some frozen golf balls outside this upcoming weekend. And don't worry, I won't post any pictures or video of me wearing yoga pants while using the treadmill.
I think this should be edited to read:"24% of Tour Players who were polled, at the time the article was written, answered that they believed Tiger may have done PED's". I don't believe that 100% of Tour Players answered the poll, therefore one can't apply the poll to all Tour Players. I also find it interesting that currently 78% of the people who answered this thread's poll believe that Tiger did not use PED's or break rules. Okay, I'm out of this thread, have fun.
Whenever I get too down about the snow I just googlesearch this: https://www.google.com/search?hl=en&site=imghp&tbm=isch&source=hp&biw=1132&bih=345&q=newfoundland+deep+snow&oq=newfoundland+deep+snow&gs_l=img.3...3737.15020.0.15275.   Helps keep things in perspective. Unless you're in Newfoundland.
Pencil and scorecard during the round,website when done. My scorecard ends up looking like a doodle pad because I make marks as I play, curving tick marks for slices or fades or draws or hooks, W for water, other graphics or notations for other stuff that happens to the ball. Then I tally up the tick marks and graphics and notes and penalties and write down the strokes per hole along the way as I wait for greens to clear. This also gives me a graphical idea of where my...
Is this going to be a pay per view or paid subscription type of deal?
Local weekend weather forecast has gone from heavy snow to light snow to apparently now freezing rain. I think I'll try to convince my wife that I need to go to the TaylorMade product release event Saturday morning to try and get a free sleeve of balls. Like the weather, my plans may also change due to factors beyond my control.
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