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Went to the local driving range/course near work today at lunch and the guy said the driving range is closing for the winter this Sunday. (resubscribing to the thread now, bummed, but at least the heated semi-covered range a few miles up the freeway will still be open)
(unsubscribing, the way my summer has gone relative to golf I am actually looking forward to winter so I'll have a better excuse for not being able to play a round of golf. Life - sometimes it gets in the way of living.)
I got the rest of the ferrules pushed back where they belong last night, ran them under running hot water and then pushed with a tight fitting wrench. I learned something.  Now if it was June instead of October I'd have a chance to try these out on a course, but I'll at least give them a try on a couple buckets of balls at lunch and then decide if I like how they feel.
Thanks for the replies. I took one of the clubs and put it under hot running tap water for a bit, then pushed the ferrule with a wrench that just cleared the shaft, one good shove and the ferrule slid right up next to the hosel and closed the gap. I'll look for an appropriate tool and do the rest another day. Thanks again.
Okay, thanks, I'll have to do some measuring to check the lengths compared to each other, I'll also take a closer look at the ferrules.
I think I'm going to revisit getting some club building tools. I've experimented with two different clubs in the past and messed them both up (too much heat melting/softening a graphite shaft) and trying to do it without a puller is a sure recipe for a mess-up. (Turning this thread into a club building session) One youtube video I looked at showed the guy mixing beads into the epoxy blend, another one didn't use beads. There also seems to be a variety of pullers and...
Hopefully these pics work, it looks like the ferrule extends into the club head. If the ferrule was just a simple ring then I wouldn't be concerned, but these look to me like the heads started sliding off the shafts. Oh, the set also included the sand wedge
I picked up a set of Apex FTX irons, 3-9+E, included a Hogan Edge 22* hybrid. I don't know how I missed this, but when I got them home and started to clean them up I noticed a good gap between the hosel and the neck of the heads.Probably a good 1/8th of an inch on most of them. It was almost as if they were supposed to be that way. I haven't built or assembled any clubs so I don't know what it takes or what it would cost to fix these. It looks like the heads have slipped...
There are also a variety of videos around, some older, some more recent, that give examples of situations where the various rules apply and what the player's options are.   http://www.usga.org/rules.aspx?id=7788   Also check youtube and vimeo for more options.
7 years old and I was out wandering around in the woods with an axe and a hatchet with some friends chopping down small trees and building small forts, I think some even had BB guns at the time. Nobody died, nobody got shot or kidnapped, nobody went to the hospital or got lost.  Sometimes we'd ride bicycles to a small store several miles away and crossing a busy 4-lane highway/roadway to get candy and snacks. But times have changed and the nanny state is in full force....
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