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CaddyShack Cinderella Story: A little springtime distraction
The scene from Caddy Shack comes to mind where he is whacking the white flowers.
It pays to price check. I was recently looking for a book and found several copies, original publisher list price was about $29, the available copies online ranged from about $15 to well over $300, yes I said over $300. Doesn't really help the OP, just a frustratingly sad and maddening situation.
I test hit one of those counter balanced putters earlier this week, I never thought of trading in irons on a putter, this could be dangerous.
Temps in the 20's to 30's degF today and tomorrow in my area, but we're grandkid watching while their parents are out of town. I was hoping to get to my home course and renew my USGA/WSGA men's club membership this weekend so I can keep working on re-establishing my handicap, but looks like the course pro shop isn't open yet so maybe I can convince my wife that the 9 year old wants to go to Golfsmith with me instead. She can maybe take the 1 year old to the pet supply...
Unless you can prove criminal intent and get a district attorney to prosecute, or unless you can find an attorney willing to take the case on spec in a civil court, there comes a time to cut your losses and move on. If the clubs play okay, apart from being fakes, then maybe hand stamp or engrave counterfiet onto them along with "bought from" and the seller's name, at least that way you won't have a total loss. Not sure what I'd do.
Has the seller been contacted yet? And if so then what was their response? I'm just curious.
Thanks, I knew I had it wrong but wasn't sure what was right.
Potentially worse than a 100 yard drive is hitting the ball 200 yards on a 150 yard hole into a group on the next tee. Try hitting a few balls in the yard to pitch and chip to help the friend get a feel for the clubs. Then take a mid-iron and a few dozen thrift store balls out to a vacant field or business park back lot to get a feel for full swings (this way with cheap balls you won't mind losing a few of them). Then go play and highlight a few etticute(sp?) rules as...
For me, my index fingers point down parallel to the shaft. Gripping the putter like a normal club didn't work for me in the past. And trying other grip configurations sort of blew up for me in the past. So, for now, for me, index fingers pointed and parallel, everything else hangs on for control. I do okay with putting in my own opinion. Putting is the least of my concerns with my golf game.
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