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A few look unbalanced or off center, I wonder what each ball is/was. I might have to do some ball chopping. Thanks for sharing the link.
Yeah, I just almost wanted to laugh about it today, it was almost like that 150yard marker had a force field around it. Time for some dry swings and air golf in slow motion to sort some of this out.
Bad day on the range. Went to the range today at lunchtime, a bit windy out. Tried to point my feet outward and it felt like a duck. Driver, hybrid, 4iron, 5iron, 6iron all went an average of 150yards each, 3wood went farther, 7iron and shorter went shorter, heel shots, toe hits, some balls went straight, some left, some right, some right with a curve. I did better when I turned my feet back parallel, went wacky when I tried to turn them more outward. Mostly I was working...
You can shop online at http://www.globalgolf.com/golf-clubs/driver/ and get an idea of relative used prices, then come back to this site and run a search on that brand and model to get an idea of what people think of it, then apply/adjust the reviews to suit you. A quick search found several decent drivers for under $50 and some under $25. There are other options as well, several golf stores and driving ranges sell used clubs in my area.
Thanks for the link, adds some understanding for me about the lofts and grinds. I'm liking the details of the S grind for some reason. Maybe I'll wander over to a local store during lunch sometime soon.
How did I not notice that before, thank you.
So what should I focus on first in order to improve my driving?
I can see speed golf on bikes turning into bike polo or hockey with speed players hitting the ball while still moving on the bike. Also, I'm wondering if the courses with the bikes would allow someone to bring their own bike to use.
Thanks. My weight and conditioning, much like my golf game and swing, are a work in progress.
Now that the Masters is over I'm going to read through the 5S thread and try to work on things.
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