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There are also a variety of videos around, some older, some more recent, that give examples of situations where the various rules apply and what the player's options are.   http://www.usga.org/rules.aspx?id=7788   Also check youtube and vimeo for more options.
7 years old and I was out wandering around in the woods with an axe and a hatchet with some friends chopping down small trees and building small forts, I think some even had BB guns at the time. Nobody died, nobody got shot or kidnapped, nobody went to the hospital or got lost.  Sometimes we'd ride bicycles to a small store several miles away and crossing a busy 4-lane highway/roadway to get candy and snacks. But times have changed and the nanny state is in full force....
If you look in the bags of a lot of really good players you will generally find a variety of clubs and rarely a "complete" full set. My interpretation is that they use what works for them, or what feels good to them, or what they are sponsored to play (either paid to play those clubs, or gifted the clubs to play them). It would be possible for someone to use a full set of a single manufacturer, and there might be a few players to do just that, but if you extend your...
The question was about satisfaction in golf, not in how well one plays (if so then it was not clarified).  If someone enjoys the game regardless of their score then they could be absolutely satisfied in golf and never break 100. Now if the question was about absolute satisfaction with one's golf skills and doing their own personal best potential, then maybe not. But with "satisfaction" being a very subjective word open to individual interpretation that might be applied at...
Yeah, just wish they'd standardize things so we could compare apples to apples, maybe set the parameters based on Iron Byron at a specific setting or something. One of the InTheBag threads I read recently showed one of the pro's (Phil maybe) with a 2-iron bent to a 1-iron, plus I think he also had a "stock" 2-iron in his bad as well.
No 1-iron in the list. I used to have a full iron set, 1 thru PW and used every one of them. I couldn't hit my woods well so I often just left them out of the bag. These days I've got a 4-iron but would like a 3-iron eventually, but in the mean time as I get my game back into play I'm running hybrids where the longest irons used to fit.
I went to the free range area of the local to work course yesterday, no charge to hit and shag your own balls, good way to save $5 for a bucket of balls. Well, after putting about 20+ balls into the tick infested trees and brush with my driver and then spending 30 minutes shagging the balls that I could find, I'm now thinking that $5 is actually a pretty good deal.  Going back to the regular range today, live and learn.
My vote would be to rip off the plastic wrap and hit the range and give them a try.   http://valueguide.pga.com/detail-exec/brand/2657/b/Adams   Worst case is you now have a loaner set, or a backup set in case something happens to your primary clubs.   If you do decide to test them out then maybe follow up with some feedback to how you think they compare to whatever your 15 year old set is, how the hitting distances compare, accuracy between the two sets, forgiveness...
I enjoyed the shows where she played a round of golf and asked questions along the way. But life goes on, things change, people and shows will adapt.
Cobra Baffler T-Rail+ 4H, filling a gap in the long end of my bag. Used but in good shape.
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