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I went to the free range area of the local to work course yesterday, no charge to hit and shag your own balls, good way to save $5 for a bucket of balls. Well, after putting about 20+ balls into the tick infested trees and brush with my driver and then spending 30 minutes shagging the balls that I could find, I'm now thinking that $5 is actually a pretty good deal.  Going back to the regular range today, live and learn.
My vote would be to rip off the plastic wrap and hit the range and give them a try.   http://valueguide.pga.com/detail-exec/brand/2657/b/Adams   Worst case is you now have a loaner set, or a backup set in case something happens to your primary clubs.   If you do decide to test them out then maybe follow up with some feedback to how you think they compare to whatever your 15 year old set is, how the hitting distances compare, accuracy between the two sets, forgiveness...
I enjoyed the shows where she played a round of golf and asked questions along the way. But life goes on, things change, people and shows will adapt.
Cobra Baffler T-Rail+ 4H, filling a gap in the long end of my bag. Used but in good shape.
I won't even get close to 100 this calender year, I'll be happy if I get five in.  Currently have only one 18 hole round in due to a lot of factors, but at least I've been able to get to a driving range several times during my lunch hour at work so all is not lost.   A few years (before I got married) I probably easily got over 100 rounds in by playing 9 on the way home from work several times a week, then hitting an 18 hole course a few times a month. These days, well,...
 This pretty much sums me and my game up very well.
Hopefully this wasn't one of those $30,000/year membership + $250,000 initiation fee courses, members could be out of a whole lot of cash if it was.   In any case, always sad to see a course close. A course on the north end of my current town closed a few years ago with little warning, I went there one day to see about a tee time and all there was was a sign in the window saying the course was closed and was now a wildlife preserve.
I find it amusing that he tied Patrick Reed for the first round.   Now if he (not Reed) can play his second round like he did in the qualifiers he just might make the cut.
 Curious of what the 2-iron is in your bag? I've got a set of Ci9 irons as well, but mine don't go near as far as your's do (must be the clubs, ;))
Price your current clubs on the PGA value guide site: http://valueguide.pga.com/ To see if they have any documented value.   Then check your local craigslist.org site to see what else is listed and what sort of values people are asking.   It might be better to just donate them to a thrift shop or one of the kid's development programs that some cities have, that way at least you get a tax donation receipt.  Then later on if you do decide to play again you can just...
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