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Thanks for the link, adds some understanding for me about the lofts and grinds. I'm liking the details of the S grind for some reason. Maybe I'll wander over to a local store during lunch sometime soon.
How did I not notice that before, thank you.
So what should I focus on first in order to improve my driving?
I can see speed golf on bikes turning into bike polo or hockey with speed players hitting the ball while still moving on the bike. Also, I'm wondering if the courses with the bikes would allow someone to bring their own bike to use.
Thanks. My weight and conditioning, much like my golf game and swing, are a work in progress.
Now that the Masters is over I'm going to read through the 5S thread and try to work on things.
A quick phone google search found several pdf files and also the following website on "human movement learning" : http://necsi.edu/events/iccs6/viewabstract.php?id=202 No opinion from me, just a quick link to try and remove the mystery.
I started with replacing my irons first and got a used set. Then shop for the longer and shorter distance clubs once you know the distances with the irons. My reasoning is that the irons comprise the bulk of the clubs in the bag. Once you're comfortable with the longest iron then probably a driver, then fill the gaps with woods or hybrids. Short shots and wedges, see where your iron set gets you, then find what works for you and your course conditions. This works for...
Fingernail polish/paint if the chip bothers you. Comes with a brush in the bottle, mix and match or blend colors to match the club head. That or hobby model car paint. Lots of color choices there as well.
My pick Cink, sunk.
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