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As long as the bike is set up well for you then work on cadence and efficiency. There are quite a few of us cyclists on the site here with various backgrounds.
Okay, back in town and time to program the dvr for this tournament and get my head back around golf.
A little pitch and chip practice in the backyard while keeping all the balls inside the fences and out of the neighbor's yards (aka: no fliers and no bladed balls). Gets a bit difficult though with a Springer Spaniel thinking it is play time and going after every ball and trying to get his face right in the swingpath to ensure the ball doesn't get away. Result; no fliers, no bladed balls, and never whacked the dog with the club.
Spend time this morning getting used to the new putter I got yesterday, putting balls in the living room and getting a feel for the club and experimenting with lean or forward press or whatever it is called.
Almost got a set of irons, but the store's price was too far above the PGA Valueguide retail price and their offer on my tradein clubs was about half, so I passed on the irons. Then I found a new old stock Ping putter on discount so I got that instead. I've been trying out different putters for a few months everytime I went into a store and kept coming back to the Karsten 1959 Craz-e, and now I've got it.
Shopping for a used iron set at a local Golfsmith, found a set of irons, then spent at least 10 minutes on their test range working of getting a feel for the clubs compared to my current set. Ran the whole 4iron through gap wedge jst focusing on good contact with unfamiliar clubs. Left without the clubs due to disparity between the PGA Valueguide,their asking price, and their offer on my trade-ins. But I got some practice in so all is good.
Watched a couple of the golf lessons shows on the dvr, then spent time using a gap wedge in the living room and working on getting or improving my feel for wrist cock and lag and all that stuff that is supposed to happen right before the club hits the ball. I choked way down on the club to ensure that I didn't whack anything in the living room, and I was just swinging at air and not using any kind of balls. I want to go back and read some of those swing key threads to...
I'm imagining a vintage canvas or leather bag holding those clubs.
I'd maybe play a few rounds and see where your 3 wood settles in at, then if it were me I'd probably tweak your wedges. Looks like your PW is 45* so maybe tune your wedge gaps and wedge bounce specs as a different thing to consider.
I just sit here and shake my head and think "I've got a lot of work to do" because most of you are hitting three to five clubs longer than me. I'm hitting a 5 iron what some hit a wedge or 9 iron, I hit a hybrid or fairway wood and see some are just using a 5 iron. Then I think of what I could do if I had that kind of distance. Oh well, it's okay, I still enjoy the game.
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