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I'd maybe play a few rounds and see where your 3 wood settles in at, then if it were me I'd probably tweak your wedges. Looks like your PW is 45* so maybe tune your wedge gaps and wedge bounce specs as a different thing to consider.
I just sit here and shake my head and think "I've got a lot of work to do" because most of you are hitting three to five clubs longer than me. I'm hitting a 5 iron what some hit a wedge or 9 iron, I hit a hybrid or fairway wood and see some are just using a 5 iron. Then I think of what I could do if I had that kind of distance. Oh well, it's okay, I still enjoy the game.
(Sigs don't show up in my mobile browser so I had to flip to desktop mode, argh, anyway....) How far do you hit your 3W, 3H, 4H, and 5iron? Just curious since I plan to fine tune and adjust my clubs this year.
5a. Get my current 5 iron consistently to at least 180 yards as lo g as it is under control. I was watching someone today at a Ping demo day at a local store and his easy swinging 5 iron was going 210+ on the monitor and he said it usually goes 200 on the course, so I'm standing there thinking if that is a 200 yard swing then 180 has to be within my reach, so that is my measurable amended goal for 2015.
Back to the Master's.... I like one interview, might have been after Saturday, where Spieth basically said he was playing Sunday one day and one hole and one shot at a time and doing his best to ignore the leaderboard and just play his game as best as he can regardless of where he sits on the leaderboard. (Paraphrased heavily) Just do your best one shot at a time. Golf is what it is. Off to reading and watching the next tournament.
Agreed, one tried to run away from the field and a few gave a good chase, almost anything could have happened in those final holes, especially when you saw a few of the places Spieth was hitting from. If it had been me on one of those shots I might have had a three branch ricochet followed up by a two tree trunk carrom to end up with a carded 8 on that hole, but somehow he got his ball past the branches and back into good position.
His name sounds familiar, I don't recall if he beat his pairing when I saw it on tv but I remember he was a solid match for the player that day.
Stricker is on the course now but the starting times page showed him going off alone, so I'm wondering if the club will pair him up with someone, and if so then who? I recall from last year or maybe before that the club pairs up solo players with select amateurs who are either members or friends of members. Just curious.
I didn't think so, thanks for the clarification. I'm able to stream the live feed to my desk and can listen to the audio, and if something big happens I can peek for the replay.
Why? Bad shot? Which brings up the rules question of if you can replace a damaged or broken club if it was intentionally broken by the player in question during a round of play.
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