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I played a round recently with someone who claimed to be a low single capper and who also played with a set of Miura blades, and well I can honestly say that the Miuras were not some magical, mythical, amazing clubs that left me wowed. The guy played like crap despite playing with Miuras (who knows if he was really a low single capper, I thought he was more like a 12 or so capper), so what is the point that i'm trying to make? The point is, there is not "greatest of all"...
Vanity article that seeks to portray the course as extremely difficult yet not at his own expense. Lame.
Me thinks playing in a tournament as an amateur where your livelihood didn't depend on how well you did versus playing in the same tournament as a pro where your future and livelihood depending on how well you did will result in two different outcomes.  I believe that part of why he played so well as an amateur is there is lowered expectations and you can just go out and play.  Playing as a pro, expectations are higher, and if you don't play well you don't get paid well...
    Just because HH says something is so, does not make it so.  Especially when the guy is still trying to cash in on his former relationship with Tiger.
If you've regripped with what you would normally play with and that hasn't alleviated the problem, I would also get the SW's checked.  Since you bought them off CL, the previous owner might have gotten them SW'ed heavier, much heavier than you might be used to playing with and that could lead to quicker fatigue, even in the hands.
    "Mental issues" on the course is for all golfers regardless of handicap level. Yes, and even the tour pros.
Nick Kokonas,   While I eagerly await for my pre-order to get shipped out to me, I went ahead and downloaded the just released iphone Swingbyte app last night and have a few comments, actually more like areas of improvement particularly around the setup golfer/clubs process.  I would appreciate it if you could pass these suggestions onto the developers:   1)  Wrist to ground does not have half inch intervals, only full inch intervals.  For example, if i'm a 34.5"...
I was watching the replay of the final round of the 2000 Players Championship last night and the 17th hole was playing to 145 or so with Tiger hitting a PW (slightly short of the putting surface) and Hal Sutton hitting a 9i I believe.    
      If you're hitting your 7i pure 90% of the time as a 28 handicap, time to update your handicap?  :)    
To maximize your scoring potential in this exact situation, in this exact round, on this hole, then yes you need to go the route of the layup.  However, if you want to look beyond the immediate score, and look towards your "future" scoring potential, you need to get comfortable with your 3 wood.  Seriously, if you really want to improve you need to learn how to hit the 3 wood, and in order to do that, you need to practice and play with it.  Not trying to knock your...
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