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I actually went back and had two other pros check the results, both came up with 3* upright & no extra length. I then went to the person who knows my swing best and discussed the results. What we decided is over the long winter the only practice I've had is putting inside. I putt with a more upright posture and my hands held quite high at address. I had carried this setup to the irons when I got fitted causing me to stand too upright and roll my wrists going back...
I believe the Super Tri came with the Motore 60 & the Super Tri TP came with the Motore 65
I could do it with Ping, Titleist, TM, Mizuno, and probably Adams. The thing is, I wouldn't do it with any of them! Right now I have Titleist woods & hybrid along with Ping irons, Titleist wedges and a Nike putter in the main bag. TM woods and hybrid, Ping irons & wedges, and a SC putter in the back up bag. It would be hard to find what works best for me in every catagory out of one manufacturer.
I have the 002 at 33" and find it to be everything my SC is with a quicker roll. Easy to align & good distance control with a very smooth roll. I will rotate with my SC Fastback 1.5 this year, but the 002 will be the starter.
I have putters from one end to the other. It all comes down to which one feels right, gives you confidence, and puts the ball in the hole. My favorite two putters are on oppisite ends of the price spectrum.
I've gone to driver, 4 wood, 3 hybrid at the top of my set and it has worked out extremely well.
I had a very enlightning iron fitting experience. I had not had a complete Ping iron fitting in a good number of years. About me: 5'10", 165 lbs, and have loss some of my speed,distance and raised my hdcp in recent years, playing i15 irons right now. Iron game is my strength with my miss being a pull. I was playing between a 12 & a 14 at my home course last year. Went to a certified fitter I've dealt with for ten years with the idea of trying the S56 Pings. We talked...
I'm playing the X20 Tours in 5.0 and have speed and distances the same as yours. The 5.0 is perfect. Long and accurate. I've played forged for the last two years and the feel of the Tours is very pleasent. I can cut and draw the ball mildly with the Tours but they do like to go straight. My miss has always been a pull and that has dissappeared with these clubs. Perfect from the first round. No complaints at all.
While it is correct that a heavier weight head is needed on a shorter shaft to maintain swingweight, the majority of manufacturers in the world are not manufacturing different weight heads when they offer multiple lengths. Because swingweight in a putter is an uninteresting number it comes down to personal preference as to what feels right to the individual. Scotty Cameron does indeed make different weight heads to create different length putters but he is the exception...
Wood, 2 3/4" Stinger tees. A box of 500 lasts for a long time!
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