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I think Danattherock, sounds very wise. I would follow his advice. 
It sounds like you are pretty good.  I don't think three years off is going to turn you into a 18 handicapper.  I bet you will be able to hit any driver or iron out there.  The rusty part of your game is probably going to be putting, chipping and pitching from 100yds in.   It might be worth having a club fitter look at your mechanics and swing speeds.  They can at least steer you away from the WRONG stuff, and you will still have plenty of options to choose from.  So...
I have  the caddypatch which is reusable and it is not too bad.    There are some other reusable types as well you could google "strike n swipe"   They won't last forever, but they might be handy in some cases.     
I don't know too much about antique golf clubs, but for most collectibles, ebay is as good a price guide as there will ever be.  If you have an ebay account you can search recent sales.  Now if you have ultra-rare, highly collectible stuff, then I can't help you much.
Harmonious, I really like the drill you suggest.  I bet if you turned most drills into statistics and then tracked them over time, it really would make practice more fun.      How about this idea (based on the ideas from above and combined)   10 balls 9 distances (Putts; 10', 15', 20', 25')  (Chips; 10', 20' forward pin, 20' back pin, 30' forward pin, 30' back pin)   The goal is to track how many up & downs you can get.  For putting, the goal is to not...
Here is my thought for making it fun.  Don't worry about the drills.  Instead focus on the "experience" of being at the course.   If you have the time, go and hit putts for 15-30 minutes, when that gets boring, then go check out the gear in the pro-shop for a little bit.  Then go back out and chip until that gets dull.  Then eat lunch at the food counter.  Then go out and bomb a bucket on the range.  Then go back in and watch the PGA tourney or golf channel chatting...
I read the book, but I am no experts instructor.  From my understanding, the impact zone for the irons is a descending strike meaining the club impacts the ball before the bottom or low point of the swing arc.  So what you are focusing on 4"  in front of the ball is supposed to be that bottom or low point.    Therefore with a sweeping swing on the hybrid, you don't want contact to be as much prior to the low point.  You still want to hit the ball before the bottom...
I play with One Iron Golf.  I think they are the perfect clubs for me since I don't play on a very regular basis.  They allow me to gain confidence in my swing during a round of golf.  I often have a better score on the back nine than I do on the front nine.
I am more partial to the Ping Zings that replaced the Eye 2s. But I don't think you can go wrong with any set of clubs from "Karsten MFG Corp." Made in the USA!!
I bought a box recently and played 18 holes. I lost a ball into a murky creek on my second hole and then played the rest of the day with one ball (16 1/2 holes). I thought it held up very well. No major surface cuts or scuffs. Maybe a couple dings in the cover, the kind that you can just scrape off the plastic speck with your fingernail. Greens were pretty hard and I don't spin the ball back very often anyway, so I can't comment on that area of playability.
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