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I have FT's and one of my players have x forged, and both of us are experiencing the same problems. As for mine the ferrules are the problem, seems very common for Callaway, not sure why...
Very Impressive
Just saw it last week, and have spent the entire week finding situations to quote the movie. Could not find any, so I just go around saying random quotes from the movie. It was great... Liked the scene with "Carlos" at the table
Is there a high end ball that will deliver a high launch angle off the driver and have feel and spin around the greens? Not sure if this is even possible
Just put them on my clubs, tried one on my wedge before buying the entire set. They are tacky as advertised. When I spoke with they guy at tacki mac, he told me the best way to clean them and get the tacky feeling back was windex. Buy one, put in on a club and see how you like it.
Is there anything that compares to the Ping G15 that can be built? Something like a snake eyes or other component heads?
I have a Callaway FT 17* 4 wood. Works well both off the tee and in the FW on those long par 5's
Just finished Golf's Sacred Journey: Seven Days at the Links of Utopia it was excellent. Before that I read the Blind Side. Enjoyed that one as well..... In the middle of Damage Control right now.
I am a teacher, and HS golf coach....
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