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Yep ... this describes me as well. I feel lucky tho, as I play much of my golf on courses and/or days when few others are there to push me. If I have no pressure, I like to take my time and maybe play 2 or even 3 balls per hole ... it's the best practice at the game I can think of. I found myself in this situation many times this past fall. Especially if you are willing to get out there when the weather is "less than ideal" or during non-peak hours, you can occasionally...
I feel your pain ... I'm pretty much in the same boat here in Wisconsin ...
For the public course I play most often: Weekend $18 - 9 Holes Walking $28 - 9 Holes Riding $25 - 18 Holes Walking $40 - 18 Holes Riding That's pretty much the average for most public courses in this area of Wisconsin. Weekdays are a little cheaper for 9 hole play ($15/$25), and since I play there often, they typically let me play as much as I want for $25 p/day.
I too use the Scorecard 2 ap on iPod Touch and like it ... But having the iPhone with GPS ap would be nice.
Personally, I play all my cool weather golf in "work out" suits like this: CLICK HERE I find these very comfortable and easy to layer with when needed.
Who makes the best practice hitting net for use indoors or outside?
I do not know a lot about the golf sponsorship arena, but I know the fishing industry very well and am told there are a lot of parrelels. It all depends on your record, your marketability and your work ethic. Most pros in the fishing realm start with "product" deals, perhaps with a few entry fees tossed in ... and work their way up from there. Very few make enough on endorsements alone to make a living, so many work as guides (for fishing) or instructors (for golf), sales...
Great area! I have friends in the area ... I hear the hayward ara has some nice courses to go along with the good fishing.
Just wondering if anyone here is planning to attend the PGA at Whistling Straits in August? I am certainly hoping to make it for at least a day or 2 early in the week.
Better late than never ... I'm set for the rest of the season tho ....
New Posts  All Forums: