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Thanks JackLee - you make a good point there and I think that part of my swing (arms) came from trying to protect a nagging bulging disc in my back ... Thanks Again.  
Always wanted to post one of these and finally took the time to record a swing at the range. Feedback welcome - particularly if you have drill or advice on crossing the line at the top of the swing.      
  Gotta love the King Cobra .....  
I agree ... education 1st ... seems its needed.  
A good "Masters Week" I must say ... my best showing in 2 seasons in the group!! {Mark's Mulligans is my handle ...}  
Intellicast - best weather website I have ever found .... http://www.intellicast.com
2 towels, club cleaning brush and a small case for carrying my Bushnell Neo GPS.  
Hit the driving range for the 1st time this season today. It was the 1st time I'd hit balls since the snow flew last November. MAN DO I NEED TO KNOCK THE RUST OFF!!!!! Question - how long does it typically take most of you to get back to playing form after taking a few months off?  
I'd be very interested in hearing opinions on these too as i tend to suffer/deal with sore joints and stiff muscles on a regular basis .... I'm OK as long as i am moving, but once I slow down, things get pretty stiff and painful (ie - walking 18 holes or more).
Caught this story on The Morning Drive, and as was brought out there, chances are concessions will be made to get LW into the Players by the time it comes around ...
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