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The TV show I work for airs on the Versus network, and a year ago Direct TV dropped Versus for about 6 months. Our numbers dropped, but it was eventually worked out. Seems Direct likes to play hardball with their networks .... it's a pattern with them.
That is a cool find. I am a big supporter of Goodwill in particular, but thrift shops in general are fun places to shop from time to time. If it were me, I might be tempted to keep it and maybe use it to store an old set or spare clubs instead of just having them lay around in a corner or closet.
I almost hate to admit it here, but I have been a Poulter fan for sometime now ... I like his "Banty Rooster" attitude. Any guy that can play like he does and feel comfortable with himself wearing clothes a lot of guys would not be caught dead in gets a nod from me anyway ...   G-Mac ... what can ya say ... He had a great year, and there's no indication his game will drop off anytime soon.   Both these guys impressed me a ton this year - as did Dustin Johnson...
Interesting view of the hybrid "invention" ... perhaps this shows a good example of the industry creating demand ... build a new ball that needs clubs with different characteristics in order for the average player to get the best performance from them .... so I'd say it's more like Capitalism at work rather than revisionist ... Sort of like breeding a generation of bigger mice so you can sell bigger/better mousetraps .. It's a school of marketing where the goal is to...
I know a lot of you guys have seen this photo already, but it was recently picked up by one of the writers from the PGA website and he asked permission to use it for his "Quick Nine" feature this month ... Dani (my stepdaughter) is SOOOO Pumped!!   http://www.pga.com/news/quick-nine/quick-nine-whats-your-best-golf-memory-2010   I have to say, introducing her to the game this season has been a pure joy!
When I have to break out the snowblower to get the truck out of the garage ... This was a week ago ...  
I'm learning to really like the new format. Once I figured out to shorten my old signature and replace most the info with using the "lists" I REALLY liked the ability to actually add more info regarding "What's in my bag" ... Still checking out all the new features, but really like what I see so far ... As a Moderator/Manager of another Forum (in the fishing industry), I realize what an undertaking this has been for you guys ... my hat is off to you!
Picked up a nice Slazenger shirt for my son-in-law for Christmas, and a Ping short sleeved windshirt for myself ... had some pretty sweet deals at the Golf Galaxy Advantage Club Night.
My set's PW is also 45*, so I added a 50* along with the 56* and 60*. I find I am much better inside 120 yds having all these options.
To remind me of one of my better shots this past season ...
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