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I would believe the idea that it's the denser air that cuts down on ball flight ... I already play a 'soft' ball (Noodle Easy Distance), so going to a woman's ball I don't think would make much difference in my game.
Best shot this week has to be my drive today on #16 ... par 5. Had a 20+ mph breeze helping and launched one 283 - far and away a personal best for this ole' hacker!!
Erbert & Gerbert's is my fav sandwich shop ... not a big fan of fast food other than that ...
2011 Goals Family 1) Show my wife, 3 kids and future son-in-law, how much I love them and how important they are in my life. 2) Play more golf with friends and family 3) clean the basement of all that junk that's been boxed up down there since we moved into this house 10+ yrs ago. 4) Give my oldest the best wedding she could ever hope for! Golf related 1) Buy a new driver: thinking of trying a 12 degree to try and get a better trajectory. 2) build a quality indoor...
Story of my game!! Congrats to your Bro-in-law mcgriff! And never say "never" ... it can happen anytime you tee it up! If it can happen to your Bro-in-law on a shot like that, it can certainly happen for you!
Obviously depends on where you want to buy ... but if you win the lotto - why bother with the headaches of ownership? If it were me, I'd find a course or 3 I really liked and buy memberships ... If you want to buy however - there are plenty out there for sale: http://golfcoursesforsale.com/
This year I have logged over 80 rounds - most on my "home course", but I have played 8 other courses over that period, a couple of those several times. Still got a month or so left in the season here as long as the weather holds out ...
I'd probably buy a supply of new golf balls, golf gloves and a putting lesson.
Thanks for the tip on Target ... picked up the last 2 - size large on the clearance rack ... $4.98 ea.
It didn't start off too well (triple bogey 7 on the 1st hole ) but I was able to pull it together and finished the front 9 in 42. Back 9 was almost as good - with a 44. Doesn't happen every time out but it always feels good to break 90!!
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