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  Yeah I'd also like to know what is wrong with the video. The majority of my lessons are heavily based on that video!
  I agree with part of your last sentence i.e. not moving the torso and just moving the arms would get the elbow more down but not in front. I don't know how a golfer can turn their torso and keep their elbow where it is. Surely it is forced to move around and out in front of the body?
I didn't think the tip was very well presented, but then it is difficult to record a decent tip in 1:30. Also, I haven't seen many golfers in the exaggerated position she demonstrates. However, the tip itself wasn't bad as I agree with the suggestion for slicers to try and keep their right elbow behind them more on the downswing. Many slicers start their downswing by turning their shoulders which is turn causes the elbows to get too far in front of the body. Result =...
  I would be very interested to know how this meeting goes. Please post your comments on Paul's teaching here when you get a chance. Thanks.
  I 'fired' a student after 4 (of 12) 30-minute lessons earlier this year because he was getting very close to being disrespectful towards me. I tried my hardest to help him but it was impossible as he refused to try and understand anything I said to him. Not even "flat left wrist" or "low point of swing after the ball". He'd whack a ball while I was explaining something and interrupt me asking why it went left. After the fourth lesson I told him that was the last lesson...
Colin Montgomerie
  That was also my impression watching the Ryder Cup.
  Wasn't Tiger -8 in the match against Colsaerts (-10)? That's probably what Erik meant. But having said that, Tiger was poor in the other matches he played and Stricker not much better.
  I have absolutely no problem with that. Never give a putt you think someone could miss. I thought it was strange Hanson gave Dufner a funny look after that putt. If your opponent doesn't give you a putt you have to accept their decision and get on with it.
  I agree. He is a professional and should have been trying to make that putt regardless. To say he didn't take as much time over it because the US couldn't win the cup is quite frankly ridiculous. If that's how he felt, why didn't he just concede the hole in the middle of the 18th fairway instead of finishing the hole with that attitude?
New Posts  All Forums: