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  My point exactly.     I thought that was Dufner not giving Hanson a two footer?
  How can the fact that a draw is the same as a defeat to the US be lost on you? Look no further than Tiger giving that putt to Molinari to show there was absolutely no difference. He quite clearly couldn't give a damn by that stage as the US couldn't get the cup back. It doesn't surprise me that you fail to understand the spirit in which this game should be played. 
  That's a good point, but professional sportsmen shouldn't be thinking about betting outcomes while playing. The right thing to do was end the match the moment Kaymer holed his putt.
Personally, I would have liked Molinari to have conceded his match in the middle of the 18th fairway. A 14-14 tie would have been fine. No one loses and the Europeans retain the cup. Playing that last hole was one of the most awkward and pointless moments I've seen in sports. There was a huge party going on next to the green, for crying out loud! No one came out of those final moments of the Ryder Cup with any credit.
I thought it was great. Like with tennis, I have never understood the need for total silence while hitting a shot. Surely a lot of noise makes it harder for one particular sound to distract a player?
  You'll be fine for a week in Europe. We've got good streets here! ;-)
The golf academy I work at has just signed a deal with Ecco and I have just started wearing my first pair. They are extremely comfortable for both giving lessons and playing. I've only been wearing them for a couple of weeks now so cannot comment on whether they will last long for normal street walking. However, my boss has been wearing Ecco golf shoes for years now and goes everywhere with them. He claims the rubber spikes last forever. It seems to go against what...
Even by his standards, that's a long night out!
  Hey, even better ... just watch the Open Championship!
  Fantastic! That is the sort of instructor every golfer should have lessons from.   Since watching/studying the 5SK DVDs, I am now incorporating this technique into my teaching. I'd already realised I was guilty of trying to tackle too many pieces during a lesson but watching the DVDs really hit home. This afternoon I have my third lesson with a beginner and it will be the third lesson working on a steady head. I've already told her we cannot move on until we nail this...
New Posts  All Forums: