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  Yes. Buy them, you won't regret it.
  Could you send me the link to the thread, I can't see it? Thanks.
Let me know if you need any assistance out there!
  I agree that it is not easy to hit the golf ball doing this drill, but if nothing else it tells the golfer how NOT to start their downswing.
Perhaps Ryan can give us a review.
    Golf Terminology link   Motions Basic Motion = "Chip" = Clubhead goes two feet back and two feet through (kinda like a chip) Acquired Motion = "Pitch" = Clubhead taken back until the right forearm is parallel with the ground and then parallel with the ground again on the follow through ("9-3"). Total Motion = Full golf swing.   Accumulators in the Golf Swing 1: A bent right elbow 2: Leading (top) wrist cock 3: Angle between shaft and lead forearm...
  Spanish is with a capital S!
  I haven't seen your swing but it would appear the early release is what is sending the path left too quickly (out to in). Make sure that at A6 (club parallel to ground on the downswing) the clubhead is not below your hands and also check to make sure your right hand doesn't start to roll over the left as you lower your arms. I see this mistake a lot in my students. They bring the club down from A4 to A6 quite well, but in their eagerness to hit the ball the clubhead...
I really like it, but agree with you that initially it is difficult to hit the ball well doing this drill but that is because your sequencing is now out of whack! When you cast you need a compensation in order to hit the ball (like lifting up or you'll hit the ground before the ball), so until you also eliminate that compensation you are going to struggle.   As you know creating lag to be correct, keep persevering with the drill until you nail it. Video your swing to...
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