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  Vijay Singh cheated on the Asian Tour and only got a 10- year ban.
ed   Sadly, with golf being what it is, poor (i.e. not knowing the correct BFLs etc.) instructors still manage to improve golfers. And more bizarrely, golfers still go back to the same poor instructors every week even when they are not improving! I have targeted many golfers at my local club that have been having lessons for years with the same old pro and steadily gotten worse, and they tell me, "I like Paco, I enjoy my lessons with Pedro, José a great guy!" Unbelievable.
A lot of you are assuming ALL caddies on the European Tour are professionals. Many are, but a lot are not. In order to save money, many pros grab anybody to carry their bag. Usually a friend or a family member. Quite often they haven't got a clue about golf and simply carry the bag for the player. We don't know the build up to what happened, perhaps Lara had said to the guy, "I hope you put that other putter in my locker as it is against the rules to have more than 14...
  I agree, ridiculously harsh. A fine and maybe a 3-month suspension, but not a life-time ban.
  This is very important. The large majority of students struggle to exaggerate the new change enough to make any difference. A lot of my students stay on after the lesson to hit balls, yet the moment I am not standing there with them they drift back to what they were doing prior to the lesson. They've already removed the alignment sticks/clubs from the ground and are wildly swinging away as if the objective is to hit 1,000 balls in 5 minutes. When I go back over to them...
  I couldn't agree more. 75% of my students do not practice in between lessons so it is no wonder I keep working with them on the same thing. The lesson changes because I pull up another drill to help them with their number one issue. Quite often I tell my students NOT to come back for another lesson until they've nailed it.   Then, those that do practice do so incorrectly so inevitably get nothing out of their sessions. Even something as simple as laying clubs down on...
I recommend half an hour a week just to keep you on track. Make sure the pro you are working with uses a video camera so you can see what he wants you to do. Then practice using a video camera yourself so you know you are achieving the right positions.
  Just read any post on golf instruction by Erik, Mike or Dave!
I bet these are the daily conversations between Erik and Dave at The Golf Evolution! ;-)
  Hi apgolf,   I see that you are new to The Sand Trap. Welcome! I suggest you spend some time on here reading as many posts as possible written by the admins, Erik (iacas) and Mike (mvmac). They'll help change the way you view golf forever.   The reason grip and the set up are not included in the system is because they are not commonalities found in ALL great golfers. Some great golfer have a weak grip, others a strong grip. Some are more hunched over at address, others...
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