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  Yes, and the stick mysteriously disappears below the grip!   I haven't been practicing or playing much recently, but played on Tuesday and my ballstriking was all over the place. After reading your Golf Tips article last night, decided to go back to basics and really work on the drills you mentioned for Keys #1, #2 and #3. The results were immediate and extremely satisfying. I'm not sure what sensations other people have trying these drills but it made me realise just...
  Very good article, very clear and concise. Shame about the odd wrong image.   On page 2, is that half an alignment stick Chuck is using to demonstrate Key #3?
  I agree with you both on all of the above, but would just like to add that the average golfer should simply concentrate on getting the ball on the green from 50-125 yards rather than trying to get too cute. If I received a dollar every time a hole was ruined from that distance I'd be a millionaire. Working on hitting the ball first, ground second and aiming at the fat of the green is the order of the day for shots between 50-125 yards.
I think your problem is you are trying TOO hard to hit down on the ball. Change your focus by trying to move the low point of your swing further forward. There is a great video circulating by TrackMan Maestro where he explains this in detail. One concept I came away with is that EVERYONE hits down on the ball because the ball is on the ground and we have to raise the club above our heads. Makes sense right? He also said their are amateurs with a negative AoA of 12 that...
  Natalie Gulbis is the LPGA Tour player you need to check out.
  The golf academy where I work has adopted these As/Ps and we explain them to our students during our lessons. They really help students know where their club needs to be at all times during the swing and identify the exact A/P where things start to go off track. It's a small step, but we feel it is vital to bring our students closer to our terminology so communication is between student and teacher is as free-flowing as possible.   I insisted on adopting these As/Ps...
  2 times a week? Most golfers that take lessons are lucky to get out and play once a week. It is important to realise you don't have to hit 1000s of balls to groove anything, a lot of your work can be done at home with just a club.
Start here: http://thesandtrap.com/t/30537/the-stack-and-tilt-golf-swing
  Toed shots is a possibility. Smash factor was 1.49 and 1.46 respectively.   It was definitely path, HSP was 2.1 and -0.1 respectively.
I was taking a look through my old driver TrackMan numbers the other day and have a question regarding path, face angle and spin axis.   My path was 2.2, face angle 2.6 and spin axis was -4.1. Shouldn't the spin axis be a positive number i.e. a push- fade? This was consistent with all my shots until I hit one with path 3.1, face angle 1.0 and spin axis 2.2. Once again, surely this is a push-draw and the spin axis should be positive.   What am I missing here?
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