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  It will never happen again. I couldn't miss that day!
I was discussing this training aid with a fellow pro this morning, and although we really like the idea, he told me that in his 16-year experience teaching golf any gadget added to the club usually ends up knackered very quickly due to the vibrations during the swing.   Any thoughts on this from those in the know?
  Erik will deal with him when he's back.
  I missed you too Patrick, it was getting boring around here without you. Well back!
It's Patrick57, he's back.
  What's sad is you questioning someone's low round.
  Here's the scorecard signed by my 3 playing companions that day.  
9 out of 10. Great avatar! Plus, I love Canada.
62 (-10) on probably the easiest course in Spain.   Best score on a Championship course: 64 (-8)
    Butch needs to grow thicker skin if he is offended by anything HH has written about him. He probably felt uncomfortable reading the parts about himself "creating a circus around Tiger" because the truth hurts. However, he seems mainly to be against the idea of a coach writing a book about his time with a student. I am fine with that opinion and am still undecided myself as to what sort of "unwritten rule" HH has broken. Personally, I would have erred on the side of...
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