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    I guess it depends on how you interpret HH's words. HH clearly stated that Butch was also working on fixing Tiger's top of the backswing position and felt a lot of his work was a continuation of the work he was doing under Butch.   Yes, he mentioned that Butch liked to be the centre of attention and that he felt it was a distraction for Tiger. He didn't say Steve didn't like Butch, just that he also felt his eagerness to be the centre of attention was impacting...
    Butch obviously hasn't read the book, but heard about HH's final chapter when HH proves he had a better record coaching Tiger. Elin and the kids appear in like 5 lines, and usually as a throwaway comment like, "I arrived at Tiger's house and I was surprised to see Elin and the kids there. They left soon after I arrived. Anyway, back to Tiger's swing....". If anything is documented it is because it is fairly easy to remember when The Masters, US Open, Open Championship...
    Hey, there is nothing wrong with talking to us guys!!   If it makes you feel better, I'd rather take a lesson from you than....what was that guy's name again?!
Extremely impressive. I haven't seen him in action yet, but I hear he is one for the future if not the present.
There are very few soccer fans on here.   1-2 to Real. I didn't see that one coming!
    I never put a value on it. I said I would try to get as much for it as possible because I know it will have sentimental value to somebody (it's real value is about $2.50 as it is a used golf ball at the end of the day) and that it would go up in value the longer I had it in my possession.
    Barcelona 3-1
    What would be the price of Sarazen's 1935 double eagle ball had he tossed it into the crowd back then and it only surfacing now? It doesn't matter whether the double eagle helped someone win The Masters or not, it is one of only 4 double eagles in Masters history. That is why it has value.
The guy in possession of the ball decides how much it is worth. If they don't agree to his demands, however OTT, there is no exchange. Also, the longer he holds on to it the more it goes up in value.   I would squeeze ANGC for as much as I could. Memberships would be mentioned. I would even 'threaten'  them by offering it up to the highest bidder. There is always some millionaire somewhere willing to part with loads of cash for something that is important to them.
I just finished reading the book and I really don't know what all the fuss is about. I've come away with nothing new or discovered anything really surprising. Tiger may have been against the book initially as he probably thought HH was going to spill a lot more beans. I'm fairly certain Tiger has read the book now and thought phew, that wasn't so bad.
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