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It took me a couple of tries before I stuck with it. Unfortunately, the first time I tried to implement the swing I only used the book as a reference. From my experience, it is very difficult to change your swing using only a book and without the help of a qualified teacher. The second time around I got great advice on TST first when I posted my swing here and then made the jump to Evolvr when it was clear I needed more. I recommend you do the same if you are serious...
My sincerest apologies for thinking you were P57, you quite clearly have nothing in common with him.  
I think soon_tourpro is another one of P57's guises.
As an instructor, I prefer not to use technically incorrect terminology during my lessons. I'd rather correct the student's swing error some other way. For example, if they are swinging out-to-in I'd work on a piece earlier in the swing, perhaps the takeaway or downswing, that would improve the follow through.  
The reason I do not like this advice is because it tends to cause players to swing only with their arms and stop using their bodies throughout the swing. Connection between the upper arms and torso is lost. The clubhead is in contact with the target line for only a split second, there are no straight lines in the golf swing.  
Finally, someone said it.  
Aggressive?! And people call me sensitive. I'm not the one attacking others for being disappointed not to break 80 at Augusta or having a different point of view to them.  
What has this got to do with my ability to break 80 at Augusta? You seem to be assuming I cannot have an opinion on which of two spectacular shots is better based on the fact I'd be disappointed to break 80 at Augusta. So basically, you now don't trust my judgment on anything based on that. A conclusion I came to based on the only two experiences I've had that are comparable:   1) Breaking 80 the only time I've played Muirfield (a brutal Open championship venue with...
OK, we get your point. You think Bubba's shot was better. Now stop trying to force YOUR opinion on others. We don't give a frog's fat arse what you think.    
No comparison, Phil's.
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