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I have just finished a course at the Spanish Golf Federation on Ball Flight Laws. Out of 33 pros/pros to be, I was the only one that knew the new ball flight laws. Fortunately, the 3 instructors teaching the course knew them as well. No one believed me before the course started! Thanks The Sand Trap for keeping me ahead of the game!
One of my big problems was swaying off the ball and my head lifting up (I now know this was due to turning my shoulders too level). Now I set up with my weight on the inside of my left foot and keep it there until I hit the ball. I guess the feeling I have is due to the fact I am no longer swaying and feel as if I'm moving left throughout my swing. This feeling gives me the impression the ball is well behind me at impact.
Let me know when you make it over to Europe!! Also, how does one become a certified S&T instructor?
Another reason for using S&T which I haven't seen mentioned...when learning the conventional swing, I was always told to swing my arms on the downswing so they pass my head. But at the same time was being told the clubhead must lag behind the hands in order to create power. Hmmm. Tricky that one. The feeling I have now when I really crush the ball is that the clubhead is lagging way behind and it seems like I'm going to finish my swing before the clubhead arrives. The...
I am fully committed to the S&T cause but if I'm completely honest, I feel the book needed many more photos and illustrations, and probably half the text. Explaining the golf swing in words is never easy at the best of times. The intro and first 2 chapters were fine, but then Chapters 3 & 4 took a lot of concentration (who said it was dumbed down?!). I found myself rereading large chunks of it before it fully sunk in. Chapter 5 to 9 were also fine but severely lacking in...
I have now played 4 rounds with Stack & Tilt and for me the results have been immediate and astonishing. I have gone from only hitting the sweet spot 10% of the time using the conventional swing to 90% with S&T. It not only makes perfect sense but is easy to put into practice. And that's because it works unlike the conventional swing! For 22 years I have struggled with my swing not really knowing how I was going to hit the ball or in which direction the ball was going to...
New Posts  All Forums: