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I tried them briefly at the driving range.  They felt very harsh to me with the DG R300 I hit them with.
I used to triple putt everything, regardless of type or price of putter. The price for enhancing my putting performance was: - get some sessions on a SAM lab or equivalent - practice, practice, practice .. blood, sweat and tears Now I don't feel it has much to do with the putter. I feel confident I can putt with almost whatever you put in my hands, providing it is not way out of spec length and lie wise and there is some adaptation period allowed to get used to the new...
Having shin splint problems too at the moment.  Go see doctor, and he will tell you:   - take NSAIDS - rest - ice - stretch - coat of flexium gel (or stuff like that) on your legs at night, wrapped in plastic foil so the gel has to go into your leg  
I adore my Ecco Street Premier shoes.  And am curious about the Biom Hybrids they will be releasing !
Don't have them myself.  But wouldn't mind wearing them.   They have some nice designs !  About time not everyone is wearing the obligatory navy blue or beige pants.
I vote Ping i15 .. or maybe R11 irons ?
Stop looking, get fit for a Ping G15.  Looooooooove mine.
Yes, Antwerp province.  Writing this on Opensuse 11.4 / Gnome 3 ;-)    
Welcome fellow countryman.  Looking at your nickname, I can't help but wonder if you are in IT / Linux by any chance ?
Isn't this Q-STAR ball roughly the same as the AD333 ?  (Albeit with a different name tag and upgraded price)
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