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Isn't the Srixon AD333 a 2 piece ball ?!
I use wd40 (http://www.wd40.com/) to keep my forged heads in shape. It cleans and protects. I love it ! Got the idea from reading a FAQ on the Mizuno website !
I used to line up the ball with the line-up stamp. Then I decided to draw my own line-up line. And allthough I liked the bigger line for lining up, I absolutely hated how that transfered onto my mizunos. So now I'm back to where I started, the default line-up stamp.
Always Firefox. Depending on the mood, I do changee my OS. Mostly on Ubuntu 9.10 though, like right nog. But also sometimes on Mandriva 2010. And very very rarely on Opensuse 11.2
this is for the girls only http://thesandtrap.com/forum/threads...A-Tour-vs-LPGAAverage attack angle with the driver is -1,3
Guilty as charged. As you see in my sig I am a Mizuno fanboy since I started playing golf last year. But I've seen the light. This won't happend again. I'll just select wichever club does the job best from now on and buy that one regardless of brand ! That being said though, the MX-25 irons, the MX FliHi hybrid and the MX-560 driver are here to stay another year !
Avg. Carry distances in METERS Driver 210 3 wood (can't hit it off the fairway so I don't use it anymore) 3 hybrid 160 3-iron 155 4-iron 150 5-iron 140 6-iron 130 7-iron 120 8-iron 110 9-iron 100 PW 90 52 GW 75 56 SW 70
I currently play 3 weges. PW 46 - GW 52 - SW 56 And I don't like it one bit. I am not a long hitter, so I feel I don't have enough gap between GW en SW. PW = 90 meters, SW = 70 m and the GW i bought with intention to bridge that gap and hit about 80 m only gives me 70-75 m. Could be offcourse it's totally off spec, haven't had it checked out by fitter. But anyway I am contemplating of going a different route: PW 46 - GW 52 - SW 58 So with my short...
good one Hope he doesn't have to wear that white helmet on tour !
1st year : starting to golf - 20.4 ega 2nd year (this year) : i hope to get to 15
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