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I have an Ogio Synchro cartbag.  And I regret buying it !  What's more, I will never buy Ogio again.  It wears really fast !  For me personally, it does not reflect the quality almost everyone attributes to it.
I used to play Mizuno forged wedges, but now play Vokeys.  Mizuno felt much softer, had more bounce, but I didn't really like how they played, I didn't "feel" the bounce.  Now my 58/08 Vokey is almost my favorite club.  It's like a Swiss knife really, high chips that stop fairly quickly, low chips that run out, pitches, bunkering, it does it al, has a wonderfull bounce that allows me to play and feel all my shots.  I don't play flop shots though.  AND, the Vokey does...
I'm playing the G15 too, 9° loft, Stiff Aldila Serrano.  Couldn't be happier.  When hit on the sweetspot, you can just feel the ball compress and explode of the face.  And I love that sound !  Furthermore, I haven't seen or heard any drivers I would want to trade it in for !  Could be tempted to get a G20 if trackman says I hit it significantly further and straighter though ;-)   And I don't hit it any further then you !  But isn't that enough (offcourse im only 18 hcp)...
Let's stir things up.   overrated :  Miura clubs, aftermarket shafts in general, Titleist balls, Scotty putters, Cleveland wedges   underrated :  Nothing really as everything golf related is marketed to death these days ...   ... or maybe Nike is underrated.  Have no first hand experience with Nike Golf stuff, but how come everyone spits them out when you see all the effort is put into their products at The Oven.  Or is that just pure marketing too ?  Don't...
I usually use my 58/08 vokey
Fred Couples  wears them with his 118mph swing !    
This post brings a smile to my face.  Look what I posted some time ago :-)   http://thesandtrap.com/forum/thread/47414/slow-play-vs-bad-play-also-known-as-can-you-be-slower-if-you-are-good/18#post_614797
Yes I have and use the Tour V2.  Choose it over it's bigger brothers because it is smaller and lighter.  I love it.  Nothing bad to say about it.  Just get one, can't imagine you will be sorry !
Swing changes seem to be paying dividends in the long clubs, but strangely enough loosing a bit in the wedges (used to be a sweeper, now take reasonable divots, maybe my kbs tours in wedges dont like that).  New distances in METRES:   Driver 240 (off tee) 3 wood 210 (off tee) 2 hybrid 190 3-iron 170 4-iron 160 5-iron 150 6-iron 140 7-iron 130 8-iron 120 9-iron 110 PW 100 52 GW 75 58 SW 50      
Custom fit Odyssey white hot XG 2-ball, with allignment stripe, 33", 2° up   Drawbacks:  none  
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