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At first glance, based on these pics, I do like the cosmetic changes !  MB an CB are classical beauties and appear to have a satin-like finish, which I like.  AP1 and AP2 seem to have a bit more high quality appearance, never was fond of the rubbery insert thingy.
Can I be so bold to ask where you got the info/pic ?    
Do the pro's really play the same burner 2.0 as we can buy.  Or is it again some B-spec trick ?    
I have two pairs of AQL shoes.  They are light.  And that's the only good thing I can say about them.  For me personally, all the rest about them is sh*t.  Since then replaced them with Adidas 360 LTD and Ecco Street Premier.  Couldn't be happier.  Much less pain in my feet, achilles and so on.  Furthermore, I found the AQL shoes to be very unstable when swinging.  360 LTD much more stable,  street premier even more stable.
Personal Observation :  Most of the time I witnessed people complaining about others being too slow is when they themselve are playing badly and need a scapegoat to put the blame on.  After all, it is not their own fault they are playing bad right, it's the slow player in front of them that's to blame  ;-)
That happens to me quite often.  Reasons for not going through with the post can be that I think some things might offend people, could be misinterpreted, or are not my "right" to comment on as I am a high handicapper.
I put a 17° G15 hybrid in play too recently.  Love it.  Easy to hit.
Off course they can be too long.  Some people are playing 4 wedges allready.  If they keep on making the irons longer, we need to keep adding more wedges.  Pointless really !
Lindemans Kriek, straight from the barrel   http://www.lindemans.be/start/kriek/en
I'd say, try out the Srixon Soft Feel (green one) and the Srixon Distance (red one)
New Posts  All Forums: