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Don't let others dictate what you should or shouldn't buy.  If a staff bag ticks all the boxes for you for practical reasons, if you like the way they look, by all means get one ! Pretentious ?  Snob ?  I don't see why !  It's just a golf bag !    
I'll second this !  It does the trick, but comfy it is not !    
I have the exact same driver as you, Ping G15 with stiff Serranna.  Love it.  Allthough on accasion I also develop a nasty slice for a round.  But it really is my fault, and not the driver's. Would a new driver really do any good ?  If again something in your swing changes, the new one might be off, and the old G15 might be spot on again ? ! When I slice it, first thing I try to do is stop the hipturn at square before impact, because most of the time I feel my hips are...
Gerald, you are not the only one.  I have a similar problem with my Adidas Adiviasta sunglasses.  Don't know if I would call it a distortion, more a changed perspective for me.  I didn't notice it in the store, even when I went outside to test them in bright sunlight.  Noticed it on the range when my swing was off immediately like yours, and on the putting green, where I felt I had grown some slightly longer legs.  I am considering buying the Oakly Flack Jacket XLJ with...
I don't think it's looking good for Kubica.  Revalidation is one thing, but being a top athlet again like F1 pilots have to be is another thing !  Furthermore "Quick Nick" is not doing too bad in Robert's place either.    
My current ball:  Srixon AD333 Most likely to try now:  Srixon Zstar, Titleist ProV1, Nike 20XI Handicap:  18 SS Driver:  105-110   Bought a box of Titleist ProV1 PRACTICE balls last week.  Going to try them when I'm feeling confident about my game.  Curious about added distance with driver and feel around and on the green.
1 and/or 2; depending on the shot variables, how much rough/fringe to cross, how much green to work with, green slope, green elevation, ...  
I recently bought a Ping G15 17° hybrid.  Very happy with the results, straight and long, very forgiving.  
I did NOT buy a 910h specifically for this reason.  I am NOT going to pay big bucks for an adjustable club that I can not adjust !  WTF was Titleist thinking !  
Custom Trackman fit, Tour Van built, Mizuno MP53, or Ping i15/anser/s56, or titleist 710cb  
New Posts  All Forums: