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Went from a 10.5° Mizuno MX560 (very loud bang on impact) with regular shaft to a Ping G15 with Aldila Serrano stiff after Ping fitting.  No frills, just plain affordable and forgiving performance.  Swing it, feel it, hear it swish, hear the impact, feel the impact and admire the resulting ballflight.  I love my Ping G15 !  
putts and chips pure feel. approaches exact yardages please !  
After some time and usage, I can confirm that the SciFlex lasts longer, takes more sweat, has less deformation, discoloration wear and tear of the leather as my previous targa tour glove.  It seems to stay in its handlike shape better too, even when sweaty and wettish.  The targa turned into a formless rag.    
I choose a laser rangefinder over a gps for several reasons.  Versatility, no yearly fees, no loading courses, no hassles with coverage, no yardage creeping, just point and shoot.  I choose the Bushnell Tour V2 over the 1600 because it is smaller and lighter.  Easier to carry, easier to put away in the bag, easy to again "point and shoot".  And I think it is less prone to shaking hands problems due to its lesser magnification than the 1600.  In hindsight, I couldn't be...
Odyssey White Hot XG twoball lined, 33 inch, 2 degrees upright  
you should watch some guns and shoot some porn
Maybe I'm interpreting this the wrong way, but isn't this a bit condescending ?    
Big motorsport and F1 fan here !  Two most shocking things about F1.  Noise and Braking Performance.  Has to be seen, heard en felt in real life !
I read somewhere your SS is 105 mph.  The higher compression AD333 should in theory give you more distance than the lower compression softfeel.  I agree AD333 indeed has awesome soft feel.    
That is not the case with me.  I'm not saying I'm backing them up two yards.  They do release sometimes, sometimes they are next to the pitchmark, sometimes backed up a foot or maybe two.  But never ever seen a 10 yds release on a 100 yds shot.  Must add I don't play tour quality greens, so ymmv.    
New Posts  All Forums: