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I play forged 1025E Mizuno's.  So what.  Every club - be it cast or forged, hard or soft steel - has "feel".  You just have to recalibrate your own senses to it !  Maybe you like one type of feel better than the other, that's fine, that's personal taste.    
I tried the e7 and RX after being recommended them on a Bridgestone fitting.  Tried them.  Didn't like their feeling when putting and chipping.  
I'll second this.  I Play the Srixon AD333 too.  I just like how it feels when putting and chipping.  And I like the sound off the irons and off the driver as well.      
Aren't tour pros playing strong lofts too ? I tried the burner2.0, bone stock with regular graphite shaft.  Did not feel dead at all !  Nice powerfull feeling and explosion off the face !  You really could tell the difference between sweetspot and misshit !  Only thing I didn't like is the offset, especially in the longer irons, and the black finish that won't stay nice for long.
I've been playing the Taylormade Targa Tour for two years.  Very thin, good feeling, and not overly expensive.  But lately, I've been having problems with excessive wear (due to grip problem) and sweat on the back of the hand. So after some research I'm now swintching to and testing the Footjoy SciFlex glove.  It is supposed to last a bit longer, can take a bit more sweat and still has good feeling.  So I'll see how that pans out.  First impressions are positive.  It...
Key thing is balancing how much calories you burn with how much calories you eat !   The weight watcher stuff is very good, for me at least! It gives you an idea on how much energy you take in. Makes you eat healthier ! But for God's sake, DO NOT DIET ! Don't skip on meals, don't stop eating. You will go into a yoyo effect that way ! Just eat enough meals, and eat healthy meals. And healthy doesn't have to mean it is not tasty. So get to know the healthy foods you...
I voted Other .. my vote goes to Belen Mozo
Funny how some people get on their high horse about someone that watches a little porn, but on the other hand find it absolutely normal to carry a loaded gun.  In Europe I think it's more the other way around, not many people making a fuss about porn, but carrying a weapon is prohibitit by law and considered very abnormal behavior.  Not that I'm saying one is right and the other one is wrong.  Maybe we should just stop judging other people, he who is without sin ... :-)
Multiple times per round on my home course, fairly short and tight course.  Shapes out of trouble.  To block the right side OOB on dogleg hole 4. Hole 7, dogleg'ish, second shot is a draw to follow curve of fairway and to block out water on the right side. To draw around a tree thats grows between tee and hole on par 3 hole 9, with bunker left front. To block the right side OOB on dogleg hole 11. Hole 16 draw in order not to end up on fairway of hole 15
Congrats on the new clubs. Just hit about 10 balls with a mate's bone stock burner2.0 with graphite shaft on the DR yesterday.  He replaced his old mx25's with them.  I was shocked to notice this much feedback from a cast head with graphite shaft.  And that ball just explodes of the face when hitting the sweetspot !  Sweet clubs.  I just didn't really warm up to the offset, especially in the longer irons.
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