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Good luck with the treatment, keep us up to date.  I have some annoyances too (varying degrees of mucus in sinus cavities, pressure on ears, nasal drip, headache, tootache), and since nothing shows up in headscans the doctor can only attribute it to allergic reactions.   So keeping in mind how annying those are, I can only imagine what you are going through !
I tried 14 different grips (GP, Lamkin, Winn) in a sporting goods store.  The one I liked best was the Lamkin Crossline Tour.  I replaced my GP Tour Velvets with the Navy Blue Crossline Tours.  Couldn't be happier.  In relation to the GP Tour Velvets, they offer more grip, seem to be more durable (jury still out on this one), offer slightly more feedback and generally feel fantastic in my hands.  For me the are the best combination of grip, feel, looks and affordability !
I'm a high/mid handicapper, so take this with a bit of salt.  Always tinkering with my swing, trying to improve, trying to get better.  What I have noticed is that no matter what you try or learn, best results always seem to come when I swing "naturally" without overthinking it, without thinking about positions, wrist angles, swing planes, and so on.  Just take care of "the basics", your own stability, stay in your center, rotate, let the club do the work without too...
I saw a cracked crown in a Komperdell driver last year !  The lady in question bought my previous Mizuno driver  :-)
  Keep your driver as long as there is no proven Trackman data of another driver that is significantly better in the distance and accuracy department as your own, assuming your driver isn't broken ! Who cares about tech advances, new names, new colors, the latest and greatest.  It is the distance and accuracy that is of importance to you !  And that can be measured objectively with a Trackman !
Stock Ping G15 with Aldila Seranno.  So if it is build exactly to stock spec, it should be 45.75" !
I rock basically the same bag as the topicstarter, albeit a rebadge job.  The Adidas AG Tour Stand Bag.
I tested several balls and in the end choose the Srixon AD333
  After time these number changed somewhat     Avg. Carry distances in METERS Driver 230 (off tee) 3 wood 200 (off tee) 3-iron 170 4-iron 160 5-iron 150 6-iron 140 7-iron 130 8-iron 120 9-iron 110 PW 100 52 GW 80 58 SW 60
Is it just me, or is it weird you notice all these things about a man's body ?  ;-)
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