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Srixon AD333.   Excellent soft feel for short game.  Very affordable.  
In Belgium we get our handicaps by playing tournaments.  You can do a maximum of 5 "extra day scores" a year, which are strictly regulated, have a marker, let know in advance you will be playing qualifying, and so on.  But still you are soon to be branded a cheater if you do.  So in practice you get your handicap by playing in tournaments. And that's just how I feel it should be for an official handicap !
I eyeball it when replacing my grips.  So that is not 100% accurate.  BUT, i do not use the marks on the grip to line-up my club.  I line-up the club with the leading edge of the clubhead, and then I grip the club without looking at the grip marks.
If you current driver is outdated, misfitted or broken, get the driver. If there is nothing wrong with your current driver, get a laser rangefinder instead of the golfGPS.   Edited spelling error
You can print a measuring tool on the lamkin website, that helps you decide on the correct size !  I treated myself to their Crossline Tour Navy Blue grips.  Installed them myself on my Mizuno irons to replace the old GP tour velvets.  Couldn't be happier !  Really no contest between the two !
I had a Bridgestone ballfitting last year.  Played with their recommended ball (e7) for some time.  Then I was given a sample of Srixon AD333 balls on a demo day.  I liked their soft feel soooo much more then the Bridgestone.  My game was even better with them, and I felt more confident standing over them too.  For some reason, my mind and body decided that was the right ball for me.  So I switched from a fitted ball to a non fitted ball.
I used to have GolfPride Tour Velvet grips.  Now changing to Lamkin Crossline Tour Navy Blue.
VERY nice !  I often wear Tommy Hilfiger clothing.  Maybe I should look into thise JL stuff too ! I do like the white Adidas and Mizuno belts (which I don't own .. yet), but there is no denying this JL belt is much nicer !  
Mine is official.  It's a European one, EGA !
Luxemburg is a Region in Belgium too ;-)
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