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Congratulations to both you and the rest of the 5SK team
This is great news. I wish Chris the best in his new venture with Tiger. Exciting!!
Fantastic post, thanks for taking the time to share that.   It's a good reality check when you say Matt is a +4/5 and still struggling to make it.  Also, this is another example for everyone to learn how important ball striking is.  It's funny how you really didn't say much about "short game" because for the most part, from what I'm gathering from your experience, Matt and the rest of the players in the group were hitting greens all day long.
 Interesting points, thanks for bringing them up. Phil is VERY experienced at dealing with the media and from my observation throughout the years, an expert at knowing what to say and knowing how to manipulate his way through the media.  What he had to say at the press conference was 100% calculated and Phil knew exactly what the aftermath would be.  He is the only one on the US team who was sitting at the conference that could've said that, and the only one that CAN...
 This is gold.
You mentioned the left wrist being bowed at A6 which is the famous position most of us dream of getting to.   Can you give a quick explanation on the "feeling" you also have with the right wrist on obtaining that position?  Do you feel like the right wrist turns down and "cups backward" when going from A4 to A6? 
The way I see it, why would I wait until the 3rd or 4th hole before I'm "in the groove and now feeling it" when I can get those early cobwebs out of the way on the range and stand on the first tee ready to go?   For me, a quick stretch (a quick stretch if time is limited is better than no stretch) and 20 or so balls on the range is all that's really necessary (even though I can hit more balls if I have more time).  The purpose of those 20+ balls is to 1. get loose and 2....
 It's funny how life works.  Guess who had a front seat view of one of Tiger's greatest shots ever (the one from the fairway bunker on #18 at Glenn Abbey in the 2000 Canadian Open)? Yup, Grant Waite.  He finished second and was paired with Tiger in the final round. Guess who was the new up and coming brainiac instructor at the Abbey during that time?  Sean Foley...
 Funny thing is, most of the people in the field every week who are considered "great golfers" don't even have 8 wins in their careers.  The bar for Tiger is so high he himself can't even reach it anymore.  The media is crazy.  Tiger has 79 wins in his career and based on what we've been hearing lately, you would think he is a washed up has been.
While this is surprising news, it isn't all that surprising when you really think about it in hindsight.  Tiger's body language the last several months is exactly the same body language he had towards the end of his run with Haney.  As we all know, Haney walked away and did so before Tiger could fire him as he knew it was coming.  So history in a way repeats itself.   I don't dislike Sean and think he is a good coach but the fit, again in hindsight, didn't seem to be...
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