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Firstly, that's a really nice hole of what it appears to be a wonderful golf course.  Very cool. Secondly, I can certainly see what you mean by this example.  To hit a shot that far to the left to either curve to that house and or travel on a straight line to said house would be incredibly difficult and only accomplished by the strongest golfers who hit the ball far enough to get it there (that also depends on the tee box you are playing from.  If someone decided to tee it...
 It is this part that I am concerned with.  And in reality, as it pertains to seeing it through and the principle of it all, at the end of the day, the golfing public wasn't fully aware of all of that was happening, the golfing public really doesn't give a damn and lastly with it being fully publicized, it kind of in a way has been brought onto himself and now he, and only he will have to deal with it while trying to change golf history.  So if he truly doesn't care about...
Considering the scale of money that's involved here, I don't know why Rory just doesn't settle with Horizon for the 2M or so they want to make it go away and just move on with his life...   If this drags on for much longer, I'm sure the Lawyer fees won't fall far from that amount anyway?
Houses on golf course are obviously never "in the line of play."  They are out of play were most of the amateur golfing population potentially can and will hit a stray shot.  I myself have hit and seen some pretty bad shots (that weren't intended to be reckless) that have gone WELL out of play and well within the range of a house that's "out of play."
 Exactly.  What's wrong with being proactive rather than reactive and putting up the net?  There are very clear and "understood" risks to buying a house on a golf course?
 There are a couple of interesting points this guy has made in those links but it's pretty unfair for this guy to go on his rant the first tournament Tiger has played since the summer.  That's way to easy to do.  Tiger and Chris are still in the very early stages of their work together.  This stuff as everyone knows takes time and to rip it apart the FIRST tourney back is uncalled for.
 You have to keep in mind (since you aren't that much of a golfer) that the average est. drive is around 200 yards or more.  200 yards is 600 feet away.  That is quite a bit of distance to know exactly if your errant shot actually hit a house and if it did hit a house, which house it was that was hit (especially if there are obstruction(s) in front of the house - trees, fences, etc).  If someone bangs a Tee Shot 250 yards, that 750 feet. In my experience, most people...
Who was the most famous Tour Pro back then that you played with?
This is great news!  I wish her all of the success on the LPGA.  It's going to be really cool to see "Woods" on the leaderboards of the LPGA.
I don't see anything wrong with the coat?  It's a stylish coat.  Have you ever stepped into Zara lately?  Lot's of coats in that store that look similar to that one (I have one similar myself).   He's European and the Euro's usually roll with style.  Good for him, hopefully he enjoyed himself at the game.
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