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 It's funny how life works.  Guess who had a front seat view of one of Tiger's greatest shots ever (the one from the fairway bunker on #18 at Glenn Abbey in the 2000 Canadian Open)? Yup, Grant Waite.  He finished second and was paired with Tiger in the final round. Guess who was the new up and coming brainiac instructor at the Abbey during that time?  Sean Foley...
 Funny thing is, most of the people in the field every week who are considered "great golfers" don't even have 8 wins in their careers.  The bar for Tiger is so high he himself can't even reach it anymore.  The media is crazy.  Tiger has 79 wins in his career and based on what we've been hearing lately, you would think he is a washed up has been.
While this is surprising news, it isn't all that surprising when you really think about it in hindsight.  Tiger's body language the last several months is exactly the same body language he had towards the end of his run with Haney.  As we all know, Haney walked away and did so before Tiger could fire him as he knew it was coming.  So history in a way repeats itself.   I don't dislike Sean and think he is a good coach but the fit, again in hindsight, didn't seem to be...
 Yup. Bubba to me is a "fake nice guy." 
 Correct, pretty much NO chance.... They do.  I'm very curious about the forgiveness while still being a "players"  MP iron.  This will probably be a replacement to the Mp59 and more forgiving.  One thing about Mizuno, I love their irons but man do I dislike their naming sequence.
You can bet Tiger wanted to make the cut (and did). He needs tournament reps, badly.  There is only the WGC Bridgestone he's going to play in before the PGA Championship.  Even though he pretty much doesn't have a chance this weekend (even though anything is possible), he'll use the weekend to sharpen his tournament play conditioning in an attempt to iron out the rust.  Again, reps.
Tiger just ripped a 3 wood down 18 into the wind 300 yards.   I'm not sure what the game plan was today but he literally hit his driver today like an 8 handicap.  Nike needs to build him a frankenwood 3 wood like Callaway did for Phil.    He just can't consistently hit the driver anymore and it's in his head.  Build him a strong, deep faced 3 wood that's shorter than the driver so he can play 285 yard line drives that roll out to 300-310 yards.
I didn't see this coming.  Not much information or any official press release just yet aside from this link.   http://www.mizunoforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=23840&p=104006#p104006   They look excellent and look like they are going to replace the MP-59.  The titanium insert and design looks like there's going to be a lot of perimeter weighting which obviously means more forgiveness while still looking like a players iron.   Should be interesting!
That gold Vault is insane!
Honestly, we are splitting hairs as they are all pretty incredible and it's difficult to accurately determine which one is better.  That said, if I had to choose one it would be Furyk and him for these reasons: The course was playing extremely hard that day and there wasn't anyone close to him.  The course was new for him and the players as Conway Farms wasn't on the PGA Tour rotation prior to that tournament.  So, prior "information" on the course; green speeds, green...
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