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 I agree with this.  Heck, make it a 4 week, 8 week suspension.  She has done a lot to bring attention to the game that that shouldn't of been discounted when the decision for punishment was made.
I chose the first option.    It adds to the allure of the tournament which makes this tournament what it is.  Would it be "ideal" for the former winners to sign off earlier, maybe BUT I can envision when I have a child one day, taking them to the Masters and saying, "that's Tiger woods maybe the best ever, I remember when he...." or "that's Phil Mickelson, one of the best ever," etc. Those opportunities are amazing and only can happen at the Masters.    With how the...
The only time I use iron covers is when I pack my clubs for travel.  So while on the course, the irons and wedges are fully exposed.  Everything else is covered aside from my driver.  I throw the driver cover in the basket because it's the longest club and while in the bag, it towers over everything else and doesn't clang against anything.
Tiger makes the cut, has a look at contenting but in the end doesn't.   Personally, if he makes the cut and has an average round, I hope he takes it as progress and doesn't go mental on himself for not contending.  To be honest, I just want him to make the cut, that's my only expectation "right now."   I'm pumped.
 Ripped arms doesn't necessarily equate to distance which applies to both men and woman.  That said however, technically in comparison to "most" woman (not all of course), Lexi might not necessarily be considered "ripped" but certainly in phenomenal shape and being in phenomenal shape certainly is relevant to the article.
I'm sorry but really, what's the big deal?  Like reeaaalllly, what's the big deal?  The picture really isn't that bad, at all.  Also, I more care about and am happy that they are putting LPGA player(s) on the cover vs. Paulina who has absolutely 0 to do with the game.    Another thing, spend 2 hrs watching a LPGA tournament and you'll see more skin, short skirts / legs than Lexi has in her picture.  The reality is, since the beginning of time, woman have always been...
Where in my post did I say that?  This is a post about Jason and his now ex wife Amanda.  Of course ANYONE who goes through a terrible situation like this has its toll taken out on them regardless of looks. That said however, there is no denying the nature of men and our pull towards beauty (or perceived beauty).  Many men of many generations at some point in their lives have acted and done ridiculous things for the "pretty girl" and with that fact, "losing the pretty...
When he steps on the first tee at the Masters, what happens while the gitters are shooting through his body will be the real test.   That said, the worst ball 66 is incredibly insane.  My boss has played that golf course and he said it was a stern test (and he's played almost all the top 100 courses in the world).
I have to admit, I'm the Rangefinder guy :) 
 Very true and you are right, it's all speculation.  Best of luck to them for sure.
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