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I'm willing to bet he does.  It's a Major and his favorite tournament.He has taken time off the heal and practice A LOT before it comes around.    I'm willing to bet he'll be non stop practicing the next couple of weeks.  Long long days of work.
Without any doubt, Tiger would have been skewered if he did this.  He has been skewered for far less...
I agree, I think they are hilarious!
 The distance between Mars and Earth changes depending on where each is positioned in orbit.  At their closest, it's only 56 million kms   You launch in November (the only window to launch in the year) and get there around July"ish" the following year.  Piece of cake! In all seriousness, I think it's cool 1 and 2, a VERY incredible time in human history that the discussion is even happening.  Would I personally go, no.  But like anything else in the world, there are people...
I am below a 5 and to be completely honest, for me, more of B and within B, literally getting MUCH better at hitting my driver off of the tee.   I lose way too many strokes and or do not place myself in good positions off of the tee enough with my driver.  Me hitting the driver poorly usually forces me to play overly conservative off of the tee (hitting hybrids, long irons, etc) to try and find the fairway.  While this approach works on shorter holes, it also hurts me...
If I were Tiger, I would call.
Stenson is Jacked 
It's funny because both Golf Central and PGA Tour Radio went on about his putting (mostly) and also mostly accredited his win to the putter.  Dustin Johnson also in his comments after the playoff said Hahn was putting well all day.  Golf is an interesting thing/game and misinformation is incredibly prevalent in golf.  Hahn may of got hot with the putter at points to win on Sunday but the reality is, based on the stats, that it really was his Ball Striking over the four...
 What are the physical signs?  I'm asking because I'm curious to know.
 I have heard many mention Tiger could play Tight End, Running Back and I to have also have heard the Safety / Corner comments. Just so you know, Tiger spots most Cornerbacks and Safeties in the NFL, on average, 25-35 lbs.  With that being fact, he definitely would have to take PEDs to match that :P    
New Posts  All Forums: