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For golf packages in Vegas check out Golfpac.com.  I played a few years ago Red Rock CC - Arroyo course and it was great.
Closest to Miami International Airport is Miami International Links (formerly Melreese), which is pricey for visitors in AM, but I think its $40 after 1pm.  Doral gold, red & McLean course tee times can be found for less than $100 @ EZlinks.com.... I highly recommend the Jim McLean course ranked #30 public/resort course in FL by golf magazine.   Also, check out golfnow.com and you can get cheap rates at Biltmore & Shula's for $35-60 range.
Anybody played Key West GC recently? thinking of making a day trip and wondered about the course conditions?
Taylor Made Rossa Daytona 1 Ghost putter... bad a$$!!!
It's $30 w/ Premier card until Nov. 15th...FYI.
4 hybrid. I'm guessing your 5W is 18* and 5i is 24*? My Adams A7 3 hybrid is 19* so 4 hybrid 22*would fill the gap between 5W & 5i.
09 burners are great... but it takes a few weeks to hit em right. My 4-6 iron shafts are slightly longer than my old Titleist 804 OS irons. This is my 2nd set of irons so I recommend a used or discounted set first while you're new to the game.
I played the FT-5 draw for about 2 years and it was a good driver. Definitely louder than the new drivers. After some lessons and improving my swing, it became a happy hooker with the draw bias so I switched to a neutral driver. If you have issues with a slice or push, it'll help you out.
Check out the Ping G15 4W... easy to hit off the fairway. I also switched from Nickent to Adams A7 idea 3 hybrid w/ UST mamiya shaft... bad a$$.
So what did you shoot? I can't break 90 from the blues... there's a reason why it hosted Q school qualifying last year. That's one of my favorite courses in the Miami metro area.... but disappointed it's not on the premier card.
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