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My original wish was to give away a few ebooks for review purposes, David, but that post got deleted by admin. as being spam. So anyway, how's your golf swing these days? I see that you are a good golfer. What areas of your game need improvement? Accompanying my last article is a drawing of the OVER THE TOP GOLF finish position. What do you think of it?
How does one get to talk about a golf swing he created without being locked, banned or given a name change and a spam avatar by the moderator?
Absolutely, positively, do not include rounds of golf played on aerated fairways and greens in your handicap. Unless you are a sandbagger!!
Toughest course? Grossingers in Liberty, NY. Gorgeous course, magnificent views, a long way from civilization but worth the drive.
The world is getting filled up with people who have no clue about manners and grace. Sad....
It almost doesn't make sense to join a club in South Florida because the public courses are nice and they are reasonable.
I'm always at a disadvantage when I'm in a $$ match where we're allowed to roll it in the fairway because I always forget to do it.
If anyone remembers the first forged steel Tommy Armour Zaap putter, that's my long-time partner. The hard face makes it impractical to use with anything but the softest balls. I cornered the market on old Maxfli A10s a long time ago.
Stay away from the Dye Course! Tricky, goofy golf. The other two Fazio courses are great, especially if the very undulating greens are fast.
I know, Myrtle Beach, it's simplicity makes OVER THE TOP GOLF a hard sell. Nobody believes in magic wands. If  could throw in some words like pronation then people would respect it more. I would never try to change someone's grip or swing path. I am about "golf swing optimization." Building on your own foundation.   PS: No more DVD, now it's in eBook form.
New Posts  All Forums: