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Excellent post, thank you. 
Okay the problem with this thread is the analogies being thrown around don't mean anything and are just being changed again and again to keep this "discussion" going. You can't compare hitting 90mph fastballs when we were originally talking about SWINGING the bat. The act of swinging a bat is a joke compared to a golf swing. 
I thought he was already "clicking" on the range he just wasn't carrying it over to the course.   Its all moot until he wins something but still interesting to come out and say this I suppose. 
  Wait, how can you NOT like Bubba? 
It's all about the wealth management commercials. 
Definitely not a fan of John Daly. 
He needs to play more. Put his swing changes to the test and see some success before the majors will happen. His confidence on the range is probably perfect, but hes obviously shaky on the course, especially in tournaments. 
Definitely more caddy player interaction. Nothing sucks me in more than hearing what the players are trying to do and then seeing them pull if off (or not pull it off). 
Pretty sure iacas is spot on. Look at everyone who bought it, honestly ask yourself if you would have bought it if he wasn't teaching tiger. 
The Michigan State Spartans have been a total disappointment this year. They look completely different then they did last year I don't know whats going on. Everyone in my area was hyped for their pre-season No2 and they are almost off the rankings? ><
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