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I can read blurr. Been doing it since I was 40.
This is the first official week of our company golf league. I got to go out on Monday and play 9 holes. I was very pleased with the score since I haven't been able to play or practice much due to some back issues that have flared up.     The course is still dormant and the greens are rock hard and fast. I was implementing the "Stop aiming at the Flag" scenario. Which I don't go flag hunting that often anyway and more than half the pins were in the middle of the...
 Excellent. Now I have something to shoot for...5 months and 2 weeks!     Or I'll have it by my next range session.   
Good stuff Nathan.      Envious on how you get your left leg straight at A8. (Golf Clap)
Video is set to private.
 Thanks Nathan, it looks like you are getting there as well...in spite of your weather conditions. Being from NJ originally I feel your pain. Practice rounds for our golf league starts next week. Looking forward to getting out there. It has been a crappy winter down here too...relatively speaking of course.  
Thanks Erik, you're right I know this takes time and this is by far the best drill I've done to get me to be more open. It just feels like I am jumping out of my shoes. The ball doesn't lie though. The ball contact and flight are improved.
Video from this afternoon. Doing a little bit better with this drill as far as the "open" part at impact. Still need more speed. The thrusting up part is happening waaay too late. The ball is halfway to the target by the time I get the up part going.   Funny thing is I am thinking about thrusting up as soon as I start my downswing and it's still too late. I guess I'll start thinking about it halfway into my backswing??     
I'll split it with you. I swore he was using my swing as a model on the left.
Thanks Erik and Nathan. I might be stuck working on this indoors the rest of the week since it will ONLY be in the mid to low 50's down here.    Sorry, that was mean.
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