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http://www.gamegolf.com/player/coachjimsc/round/415414   First round with gamegolf I got for Father's day. Final round of league play. Love it so far.
Back in the day when there was "only" 65 courses in Myrtle Beach, Tidewater was in my top 5.
Question for the OP. Is Distance Really That Important for Amateurs?   What would your score difference be playing from the tees at 5000 yds vs the tees from 6000 yds?   Would you score better on a 250 yd Par 4 than a 400 yd Par 4?   Why are slope rating and course ratings higher from the longer distance?    Seems pretty simple to me. You score better on the shorter holes because your approach shots are not as far. You have the same short game skills at both...
Cherokee Valley Golf Club, Tigerville, SC     Signature hole #15 par 3 213yds. 
What I am working on now that seems to be helping is starting the downswing sooner.
 I would choose Willbrook. But the $28 adder is a little steep. Usually you get what you pay for at Myrtle Beach courses however. 
Adding a very short Vlog, if you want to even call it that, from our golf league tonight. One tee shot, one approach shot. Just wanting to check the elbow.     17th hole Par 4 384yds.     Second shot from 121yds GW. Couldn't film anymore as there were threatening skies closing in fast.    Ended up shooting even on the back tonight. My lowest score on this nine all year. 7 fairways/6 GIR.   The 3/4 backswing was my swing key thought for the night.
Some video updates of a few practice sessions I've had recently.   On a side note, the jumping move I had been working on previously is out for the foreseeable future. Unfortunately when I try to do this move my back says no you don’t. I have changed my workout routine to include more core exercises which has helped a ton with everything except this move.    First pictures are from Sunday working on keeping the right  F&*^%$#@ elbow closer to my rib cage on the...
 You have picked a pretty good lineup IMO, except for Grand Dunes I have played them all. My ranking from least to best:Willbrook - very good course. Some tight holes but not very long.Pawley's - Haven't played there in about 13 yrs but what I remember is a great course. A few holes are on the marsh.Wachesaw - One of my favorite courses at the beach. Tom Fazio design, lots of variety, long holes, short holes, tight holes. Based on the temps that time of the year (47-68...
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