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Instructor fight!  jk   But i do have a question,   How does forearm rotation (and the timing of the forarm rotation) in the takeaway/backswing relate to when your back arm folds and then with then verticle angle of the backswing.   That might sound kind random, and the answer might be obvious but it relates to something i am working on and any better understanding is a good thing.
Phelps is going to get better because he is going to be playing a lot more.  He is not going to get a lot better because Haney is teaching him.   After watching what Haney tried to do with Barkley, Romano, etc...I do not think Phelps will improve as much as he should.
I hate when people use ball markers that can't be putted over...which is almost always.   I like to use flat marks, then I don't have to move my mark as often...or take the risk of forgetting to move the mark back before I putt.  I also find it much more courteous to the people I play with.   As common as this is, it is definitely one of my pet peeves.
48* PW, 52* GW, and 56* SW
Golf courses can adapt to added distance in other ways than adding length.  You can add fairway bunkers, rough, water, trees, etc. to make the risk and reward lean toward playing it safe, but still giving the option to bomb the driver.  I can see capping the distance capabilities of a club or ball, but rolling back the technology we already have is not the answer.   And is there a statistical advantage to belly putters on tour compared to conventional putters?  I...
For a non-mechanical solution, if you need to keep the ball down because of wind or a tree in the way you can take an extra club or two and choke down on it.  You can also swing lighter, which lets you use a less lofted club and takes spin off the ball.
I love buying clubs that fit my game and work just as well as the new model...at half the price.  I also like buying used clubs...which were ditched by some guy for the new model.   I get good equipment at a much lower price than buying new...and the clubs i am getting are still very new.
I play with my tee height quite a bit.  Some days i like it higher, some days i feel more comfortable with it a little lower.  When i tee it up higher i stand a little farther away from the ball...same posture and all, just with the ball lined up a little bit more toward the toe.  That will give you a little more space to put a good swing on it.  Remember that the higher the tee height, the closer the ball is to your body.
Nevermind, got it taken care of.   I finally got a hold of Callaway (being that it is now a work day) and they are sending me the VooDoo SVS6 and paying for the shipping while i send back the other shaft.  3 minute phone conversation, no problems.   I didn't think they would do that.  I am VERY happy with Callaway and their customer service.  Awesome to deal with!   Thanks for the responses...I was a little anxious in making any decisions so the help is...
I had to return the old driver so i don't have the Voodoo shaft anymore.  I was going to take the deal but had somebody telling me not to go back to an older head....i wouldn't mind going back to the FT Tour, but i just wonder if the used one i could trade in for would crack next season anyway.  But also the 125 dollars is store credit and the place is priced up pretty high and overvalues most of their used clubs...The 300 bucks is the high end  i could charge but i was...
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