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 Where do you play? Great advice all around, here.  It is definitely worth checking out the higher lofted fairway woods, too.  I wish 7, 9, and 11 woods were more common....
I almost never buy new balls.  I find them on the course, buy them at a pawn shop type of place a few towns away that sells them for .25 a piece (except $1 for ProV1s), or get them from the $.50 bin at my course if I get there the right day.   I get a kick out of the pawn shop place because the guy is quick to sternly tell you that the ProV1s are a dollar...the best deal you'll ever find for them...but then I walk out with dozen Z-stars or Pentas for a quarter each....ok...
Hybrids are great, much easier to hit than long irons (at least for most people).    Just make sure you try some out before you buy them.  I think hybrids, more than any other club, need to fit your eye...or you will mistakenly form the opinion that you hate hybrids.   Go somewhere where you can hit a variety of different hybrid clubs, notice the ones you like and the ones you don't...notice which ones you hit better than others....notice what you like and don't like...
Voted 5+ years.   Irons last a while...even if they're forged.  No reason to change them more often unless you want to or find something that works better.   I've had my MP-67s since 2011 and don't think I will replace them for a while...although I have thought of finding a used 5 and 6 iron of a more forgiving or higher launching MP iron...maybe an MP52 or 57.
Voted 5+ years.   I bought them in 2011 and will use them past this season.  The 52* is just another iron for me but the 56* is my go to wedge for around the greens, in the bunkers, and inside 100 yds.  It has taken a lot of beating and the shaft even snapped on it once.  I put a different wedge shaft in it and it is still going.   Being that I don't play on the tour and would rather be able to spend money on other things, I just sharpen the grooves on my wedge once or...
Bought an Odyssey White Hot XG #1 in maybe...wow, can't remember...either 2007ish or 2010ish...   Won't replace it for a long time...nothing wrong with it, works well for me.
Digger.  Get too steep with irons and wedges and take too big of divots.
Just one...56.12 SW.
I can't imagine him doing much this week.  He sure has a lot to process from last week.  I'm sure he's physically tired, but he has to be jelly mentally.  All that work that goes into playing a major, then keeping the lead each day, and then finishing it out and having your life change all in the course of a weekend.   Then you go from all that to a normal tournament with a much weaker field. 
Would it be correct that to hit this low, spinning pitch shot that you have to have a steeper path... with shaft lean and kind of using the leading edge more than the bounce?   This is opposed to a higher, softer landing pitch where you have a shallower path, less shaft lean and use the bounce more.
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