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.   I am 49 and have dealt with the same issue.  It comes and goes, worst it seems after I workout with upper body exercises or hit balls on a hard mat.  This video with the Flexbar and Reverse Tyler Twist along with using a Band It help.  Also do a search for other rehab exercises for golfer's elbow on Youtube.  A good ice pack that wraps your elbow also helps.  Good luck!    
  Working on getting my setup taller this week, trying to stand a little taller thanks to some input from mvmac.  Still having problem with the head turn, but the setup is getting better.  Guess just fix one at a time.    
I see what you are saying mvmac.  Looking at your swing and several others that I consider good models and noticed I appear to have my weight way out over or even past my feet in my setup.  Looks like to have my weight center over the arches of my feet that I should be able to draw a line stright down from my arpmpits that should go across the center of my feet.  Much like yours is in your setup, and Charlie's.  But if I draw that same line in my setup the line goes...
Thanks for the input guys. Working on keeping my head still and did 45 minutes of 3/4 swings focusing on just that.  That part looks a little better, but fought the occassional shank.  Only 9,950 more swings and I got it made, then I can work on the next thing.          
Well he does keep the club in front of him. ;-)
Thanks for the comments!  That is something that has been a problem since I have started working on my swing, and have not been able to figure out how to fix.  In the backswing I do not sense my head turning that much, but always obvious on film.  Is there a root cause in the setup or turn leading to it?  Maybe over rotating hips?
  Alright here is my first attempt at this. It is actually a video of a video, so hopefully it is good enough quality.   Trying to work out some inconsistencies in my swing.  Thanks for any input.      
I keep seeing the distance of relef argument being brought up, and I guess I do not see the advantage.  If you use your driver instead of your putter as you are allowed under the rules for relief, this is not much difference in length compared to even the longest putters. Almost a full club length?  Not hardly.  A typical driver is 45-46" (with a max of 48"), broomstick putters 48"-50".  So the most additional relief assuming two club lengths of relief is 10".  Maybe the...
For all of you Dallas area folks, Andrew Lewis is hosting an Aimpoint clinic at Indian Creek Golf Course in Carrollton on 9/17 at 2:00.  Hope to meet some of you there.
Hey Tx_Basser you slummin over here from the TFF ?  lol  Which trails have you noticed this in?  My 12 year old daughter plays some NTPGA and US Kids events in the Dallas area and really never had occurred to have her count her playing partner's strokes real closely.  She and I usually know pretty close what the playing partner shot, but not always exactly.  She has pointed out a couple of times she was not sure another kid counted a whiff as a stroke though.  Usually...
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