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Thanks for all the great video posts, mvmac!   I just notice something in your OP:    I appears that you take practice swings, then the actual shot, all without changing the position of your feet (i.e., you don't "move back" to practice, then "scoot up" to hit the shot).    Is this your normal routine?  Would you recommend doing this to other golfers?  Or am I seeing things incorrectly?
Okay, got it - Thanks Erik & mvmac!  Keep the butt of the club at waist-ish high.    Can't wait to work on this!  I heard the weather might finally break & we're supposd to get temps approaching (gasp) 60 this weekend!   That will keepme out of trouble with the wife - I was trying this in the basement & hit the wall & ceiling a couple of times haha!
Thanks for the post mvmac!  Question:  does the height of the hands relative to the hips in the follow-though correlate to distance hitting the ball, or is this more of an individual thing/personal preference?  It seems when I'm looking at some of the last videos posted, that this is one thing that varies more widely from golfer to golfer.
  I thought freedrop (and anyone else going through this thread later) might want to see an actual video or 2 or James Sieckmann & some of the pros he works with (Ben Crane here).      Also:  interesting discussion by Dr. Greg Rose at 41:30-42:10 about how he feels there are actually 4 different swings (4 different neural pathways):  Driver, irons, short game (wedges), & putter.  So the iron full swing is different than the pitches discussed here.   Also, Sieckmann...
I'm in for $40 and a hardcover copy.  Thanks for all the advice over the years - I figure the videos you posted on pitching are worth a couple hundred dollars alone!
If anything, this is better for golf.  If your "leading eye" is dominant, you should have less alignment issues, especially in putting.  I play right handed (natural lefty) but I'm right eye dominant, and was always a crappy putter, until I started using an alignment line on my ball and using a putter with an alignment line too.  Once I had things lined up from behind (I pick an intermediate target on the green about a foot or two in front of the putter), I'd set up to...
Thanks so much to Mike & Erik for setting this up!  I did have a great time & would love to do it again, despite my lousy swings.  Watching Slice & Jeremie bombing it out there on there good drives was fun - and a little intimidating.  This outing convinced me that I need to work a lot harder on my game, so lessons are coming - hopefully sooner than later.    I felt bad for the Medicus rep (Gene?  nice guy!)  who kept asking us for testimonials, especially about the...
Hey, I avoided a house!  I hit it over the house.   Yeah, despite my lousy performance, I had a good time.  My highlights:  I did Mike's bunker technique (http://thesandtrap.com/t/54554/how-to-hit-sand-bunker-shots) and hit it onto the green to within 5 feet!  And I got my first ever birdie on a par 5.    The main problems were (in no particular order): 1) I was already sore from putting up drywall. 2)  I got a very helpful mini-lesson from Erik & Mike, and then promptly...
Is there a time that's too early?  Is the putting green nearby if nothing else is ready?
Erik,  I'll bring cash.
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