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This is the GreenFix tool
I dunno. I have a light, well balanced bag and I just enjoy carrying it. I've been carrying for 48 years and I hope to for a lot longer.
According to Jim Hardy, the Titleist Performance Institute has proven that at impact, the shoulders of touring pros come within 2-10 degrees of catching up to the hips. It doesn't appear to be the case if you look at photos of impact positions because the left arm is stretched across the chest. If you go by more of where the center of the chest is pointing, you can see that the shoulders are more open than you think.
It also looks like you've straightened your spine angle and moved your hips toward the target line at impact. That's another aspect of the weight being on your heels and being flat-footed, as previously mentioned. I think you need to rotate your hips aggresively in your downswing.
Launcher DST Draw driver
I'm an Optometrist.
I'm in the midst of 20 hours of winter golf lessons that I signed up for at a heated driving range in Michigan-------70 miles away!
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