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Give me a few days and I could find out. But I would say they go for highest bidder :P
Ouch thats no good! I always get right wrist inury's :( Im ment to have it all wraped up at the moment, but I have a big comp next week so that aint gonna happen, going to practise all this week play on saturday and then have time off and hope I don't do any more damage to it!
I actully thought they dug a little bit more then my old wedges to. Just took some time to get used, I just hit 100 sand shots out of a practise bunker and I was fine again.
Might want to get your facts stright. People like you (wrx_junkie) really make me laugh, trying to be a big man over the internet :P 185-200 So why don;t you stop trolling everything I say and get a life?
You are by far the biggiest idoit on this forum. Ive on ever played demo vokey wedges for a week or so. witch was months and months ago, turns out I don;t like them. After playing forged wedges for awhile now, I do believe they have different feeling, I think they are better then the clevelands. I never new clevelands were not forged, but they feeling amazing anyways. What is it with you are trying to be a big person on the internet??
I honestly don't see a difference, it fits in my distence gap. But I ballon my hybrid a tad, thats probs why haha
I went from X to S. I also ment 185*** Honestly did not help golf today though! If I can hit the green whats the point in hitting in long haha
These Wedges are the Real DEAL! Sadly my golf balls were lasting like 7 holes untill the golf ball was mangled because of these new grooves :P haha Im loving them, not as soft as feel as my old Cg'12s or my MP 10's but I think I prefer them more, they give a little more feed back. Anybody considering new wedges NIKE VR you won't look back!! Funny thing was after my first nike driver I said I would never play a nike product again because it found they were not up the the...
I highly recomend the Mizzy shaft fittings. Ive been having some trouble with my Irons and I went in last night Put in on the launch mointer with the shaft opitmizer aswell and work out I was not loading the club enough for the X in the KBS. And I went from hitting my 6 iron 175 yards, to 200 yards. Just looking at some luanch stats in increased my club head speed by 7 MPH
I tend to agree mizzys are heavier then Vokeys. And wow Cg12's feeling amazing considering they are not forged :P
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