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i'll be there on sunday!   it's my very first time watching golf in person very excited to see their swings live tempo, ball flight, etc...
after using the TEE xcg 3woods, i haven't bought any other.  i just update the same brand every couple models or so.  such great feel and sound.  and very long...
my wife has a conference next month in san diego.  I'm dying to tag along since the resort has several golf courses around it.  not sure if my newborn baby is going to cooperate with those plans...
Oh, how could I forget Danang, Vietnam.  Still to this day, the best golfing experience I have ever had!  Such a beautiful untouched area
I was having a mental block with bunker shots for several months and it was killing me!   But then I ran into someone who gave me a good tip.  He said to put the ball where I think my swing would naturally bottom out.  And then just take a nice swing and be sure to follow through.  Ever since then, it's worked for me.   Just don't quit on the shot at the ball.
New York New Jersey Connecticut Maine Vermont Maryland Delaware North Carolina South Carolina Virginia Florida   Would love to play out west... wonder if it's a big difference like snowboarding on powder as opposed to a sheet of ice in the northeast!
South Africa was my most exotic country
for nyc, your choices are going to largely depend on having a car   if not, the easiest place by subway is van cortlandt next would be dyker in Brooklyn and lastly Bethpage by LIR and cab   if you do have access to a car, then there are so many more options!
wow, didn't know there were so many uptight people on this board   i think a lot of people look at golf as an escape... a place to relax and forget their worries if it's drinking, smoking a cigar, or taking a toke it really doesn't bother me as long as people are having a great time   there's a time to have fun and then there's a time to be serious
i'm not gonna lie, when i see a younger guy <40s pushing a cart, i find it funny esp when they're grouped with a much older guy who carries his bag   but after that initial chukle, i couldn't care less
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