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I know I got considerably shorter after I bought a laser.  I've hit several of those 240 yard "300 yard" drives.  As an aside, I was also better before I got an official handicap. 
I bought a set in 1992 before my junior year of high school.  Great clubs.  Way too much offset, but back then I didn't notice for some reason.  I played them until last year when I bought some MP52's.  Those stayed in my bag about 6 months.  Sold them and bought MX300's, which are currently on e-bay.  Just bought a set of Ping S58's which I hope will have some staying power.  They have a similar appearance at address without the offset.  My 845s will stay with me...
Ug-le for me. Putts go in. Pretty is as pretty does.
Check e-bay to see what they are going for.  My guess is that's a good price.  You can also pretty quickly do a "web-fit" at pinggolf.com to see if the clubs specs (length, lie) are what you need.  This isn't as good as an actual clubfitting session, but it should get you in the ballpark.  If the length is correct ping will adjust the lie at a very modest price (i've read $18/set).  best of luck.
That's the one I was leaning toward, but thought the Taylor made might be a safer bet. I don't live close enough to a golf shop to try either out. If the TEE is anywhere close to what it is rumored to be I think I'd like it. Will prob pull the trigger while they have 10 percent off used.
Check out hotstixgolf.com.  They are located in the Phoenix area and have various fitting services.  It is probably on the expensive side, but you get what you pay for.
I traded in some old clubs to globalgolf and have about 150 credit burning a hole in my pocket.  I'm looking at replacing my TM 200 3 wood.  It's not much longer than my R7 steel 5 wood, and I don't trust it as much.  Current contenders are TEE XCG-3 or XCG-V, TM R9 TP, Ping i15, and Titleist 909F2, or maybe even Nike Tour VR.  I'm primarily interested in more distance.  Anything that likes to go left is out. 
+1.  If you hit the ball that thin, it doesn't matter what you play.  Of course now this is basically a moot discussion since your wife just bought you new irons.  Tell your wife thank you that those are exactly what you wanted then take a few lessons and practice.  You will grow into them.
Are the 755's as forgiving as the ap2's? Also, the main complaint I've read about the 755's is the shaft. Anybody reshafted theirs?
I switched last year from 845s to mizuno mx. 300's ( similar to jpx pro) and if anything I hit the 845s longer. I would give ap1's the nod because I think they offer the best combination of appearance and performance. Jpx pro's probably beat them on looks and feel, but won't be nearly as forgiving as the titleists (based on my mx's and maltby's mpg ratings).
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