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KJ Choi used to do either powerlifting or bodybuilding, I don't recall which it was.  As long as you go through a full range of motion on your lifts and continue working on your game while you're lifting, you shouldnt see any adverse affects.  I used to do some powerlifting in my 20's (20 years ago) and still lift several days a week now.  When I was younger playing basketball in H.S. and college people said that lifting would affect my shot and flexibility for...
If he lied and knew it wasnt his, I'd have to take my club and one of his and tell him "we're even".
My biggest frustration is having a good round going then somehow getting my iron swing into a super steep down swing that just punches the ball and feels like a 4 inch deep divot.  Right now I am having to consciously think about my balance as at times I'm getting too much weight on my toes and leaning foward on my downswing causing the steep plane. 
Payne Stewart did this on a regular basis.  Seeing the photos from this event remind me of when I was younger and followed Payne.
Haven't worn one for years, I like to be able to feel the club.  The only time I wear one is if it starts raining and I cannot keep my hands and grips dry.
Love the picture for your screen name.  Go Illini    
Yep, that sucks! I've out with elbow tendonitis for a onth now, season is over.
I have that exact same set of irons. The standard off the rack length and lie was all I needed for my swing, no adjustments required but you can have that checked easily enough. I really like the clubs. Enjoy them and congrats!
Could someone please provide a link to this "dress code" that mentions long pants are to be worn on golf courses. I am yet to play anywhere that mentions what kind of pants are to be worn on the course. If the long pants are to uphold some kind of golf tradition then why aren't knickers the requirement as they were worn prior to long pants I believe (and knickers actually stop just below the knee). So maybe shorts with socks pulled up over the knee would suffice.
Someone must have told Weezy how ugly his legs are, now shorts are evil.
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