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Well I've been taking half a regular GW swing. So my swing is just past parallel to the ground.. Yea alot of wrist hinge
Do you use much wrist hindge from 50yds.
Well, it's really just during the summer. The ground is so hard it's like hitting across a walmart parking lot! Im usually 80-100yds in the winter time witch is a much more favorable distance. I've thought about teeing off with a 3 wood, but I don't wanna hang my driver up for months at a time. Simple fix would be go hit off the back tees.
I have shot a 82,84 and a 83 the last three times Ive played. I feel like I could break 80 if I could hit the green from this range. I'm usually 50-70yds out after my drive on all par 4s, but I really don't know what shot to play from that distance. BTW most of our greens are elevated.
Can collegiate golfers play in PGA tour events?
Is he gonna play?
I think it's always been said to spend more time practicing around the green because that is the hardest part of the game. Obviously if u don't get off the tee box or ur not able to get close to the green from a hundred yards it's not gonna do u much good.
I recently had my ping putter witch is about 2 years old cut down from about 35" to 32". I watched the guy cut 3" off, but after that he just put a grip on it and handed it back to me. Do I need to get the weight adjusted after taking so much length off?
Had my swing looked at and it showed that my stance is to open. Brought my right foot back a little and I am hitting down on it better and my distance and accuracy have improved.
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