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Put them in a delicates mesh bag in the washing machine with your laundry.  
I might agree that buying new clubs every year will not improve your game.  If it makes you feel good about yourself, and if you can afford it, then by all means - indulge.   Lessons, on the other hand, not so much.  I really question if the money spent on lessons by a mature golfer is going to help him/her to improve.  Most will go back to their natural swing soon after.  Once that happens he/she will start thinking about another lesson - and round and round we go.
Yea, they should play more.  They make too much money, as all pro athletes do. At least the elite ones.  We love to watch them play.  But why should they?  Hell, win one tournament and walk off into the sunset with more money than most of us will accumulate over a lifetime.
I think I had the yips when I was a child, so I may be immune to it.  However, for those that never had it, they can still get vaccinated           I think.
I too loved Peaky Blinders, and enjoyed Broadchurch.   Now looking forward to the final season of one of my all time favorites - Justified - starts Jan. 20th, I believe.
Ha ha, I love it! l don't have one favorite piece though, maybe my putter, even though I suck with it.
I just purchased TE Exotics CB Pro h irons.  Haven't played them yet, other than hit balls into a net, but I love the look of them.
It's from a TV show in the early days of television.  He was a private eye if I remember correctly.
$120 + tax, I got it yesterday at 5:35 pm.  When you go to today's deals on Amazon > lightning deals, you can click on the > arrow on the right and see all the upcoming deals for the day and the time they start.     I set the alarm on my iPhone for 5:30 pm - got on Amazon and got the deal.
It is a pretty standard promotion video like thousands of others for destination resorts everywhere.  Whether or not these things stand up to critical scrutiny is not the point.  The goal is to lure investors to buy in early in order to move the project along.   The fact that the golf course design is Tiger's first project in the United States is of interest, and his name on the project is a valuable asset to the developers.   I am puzzled.  Why caption the post as...
New Posts  All Forums: