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I'm surprised that so many like playing alone.  I quit playing the game back in the 80's for the very reason it was too hard to find playing partners.     Thankfully, now that I'm back into it, and retired, I play five mornings a week with the men's association at my club. 
Why - because it would enlighten one as to things which one takes for granted.  Such as, in this case, one can support stop and frisk while knowing full well that it is more than likely not going to affect oneself.  This is not true for our black and latino friends - they do not have that privilege.
Well said!  We could all use a lesson on white privilege .
I stand by my comment.
That's just plain misogyny. I'm surprised the moderator let it pass.
Hold on to your wallet.  We (two couples) were there in June.  Pickpockets attacked us twice in Rome subway.  One attempt  was successful, I caught the second one, it was a team of two guys,  one shoving a tourist map in my face asking for directions though I couldn't understand a word, while the other was removing my belt to get at my looped pouch.  They just walked away after I chopped his forearm.  
Yup! It's possible, but not probable.  Other than Klassen, who has anything to gain?
Doing some more research, I found Klassen's kindle editions on Amazon.  The reviews are remarkably similar to posts in this thread.  It's either one star or five stars.  It seems that you get all or nothing from his method.  
Thanks, OP, for bringing this out.  I never heard of Klassen till I read this.   I watched some youtube vids.  Tried hitting a few balls - left arm hammering, swinging to a point one foot forward of the ball, and about 6 inches right.  I like it!   Got solid hits.   Nice thing about Sand Trap, I'm always learning something.
Ha, Ha, I think this fella writes the subtitles for the Korean film industry.
New Posts  All Forums: