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Doing some more research, I found Klassen's kindle editions on Amazon.  The reviews are remarkably similar to posts in this thread.  It's either one star or five stars.  It seems that you get all or nothing from his method.  
Thanks, OP, for bringing this out.  I never heard of Klassen till I read this.   I watched some youtube vids.  Tried hitting a few balls - left arm hammering, swinging to a point one foot forward of the ball, and about 6 inches right.  I like it!   Got solid hits.   Nice thing about Sand Trap, I'm always learning something.
Ha, Ha, I think this fella writes the subtitles for the Korean film industry.
I think it sucks that these friggin chicks talk potty mouth.
@rick martin, should I know that person?
@ joe pete - wicked pissa report, man.
kudos to the guy at my course.  i have never seen an unfair pin, and believe me there is plenty of opportunity.
jesse James, a rather nice bourbon.
Wow, just read the first thread you linked Jamo - 20 pages.  Those folks in SC have a lot of territory to cover to meet up.  I've got to congratulate them.
This seems like a great idea in theory.  Someone would have to do a lot of work to make it happen.
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