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Would live to try them
Not the same Warrior company that makes lacrosse & hockey equipment btw   http://www.warriorcustomgolf.com/company-info.php
Yes, as one of the biggest Evolver cheerleaders on this forum, a 1/8" allen wrench fits perfectly.  Dug up the original thread...   http://thesandtrap.com/t/32726/nickent-golf-4dx-evolver-driver   Although as you can see by my Avatar, i've at least temporarily shelved it.  Not quite ready to part ways with all the shafts yet as i'm not exactly comfortable controlling my new Cleveland...although when I hit it straight it really goes!
Ahh Jeffrey71, i think i figured out your problem perhaps...   When I post a 9-hole score, nothing will show up on your recent scores until you have another 9 to make a full 18, even if it takes weeks or months to get the second nine.  So perhaps you posted 9, saw nothing so reposted etc.... (still can't figure out the 132 though!)
I just installed one on my putter, and it definitely was harder to install than a standard, probably because the material is less flexible than rubber.  My tape was solvent based, if that makes a difference.  when I realized my "usual" method wasn't working I added a lot more solvent, which might have helped.  Also, grabbing the grip by a towel when sliding it on as opposed to using bare hands really helped.
I post almost all of my scores through GHIN.com and have never had a problem, and the score instantly is added to my recent scores.  I did set up an "eGolfer" account on GHIN--not sure if that makes a difference.   Note when I post through the computer in the clubhouse, it does take a day before it registers (i've made the mistake of forgetting I posted in the clubhouse, and then posting online resulting in two identical scores for the same day; had to call the club...
Recently switched from a Nike Sumo fairway wood, to the Adams F11 Ti (3W).  At least for me, WOW.  The reviews of the thing having a hot face are not exaggerated.  Stock Aldila shaft is just fine for me.  Great off the tee (i hit it almost as long as my driver if the fairway isn't wet), and I have no problems hitting it from the fairway either.   Based on the deals, i also picked up an Adams 5W, although I went with the Speedline LP instead of another F11, as i'm a...
anyone (besides Kenny Perry or Trevor immelman) actually tried Transitions lenses for golf?  I wear glasses, but hated clipon or wear-over sunglasses with them.  
Yup.  So if you can find an established brand name set for a similar price, it might avoid blows to one's ego (even though for a beginner it likely makes little difference).   Rockbottomgolf.com to me as well is a great place for bargains.  Besides the Cally's, I noticed they have both an Adams Tight Lies iron/hybrid set, as well as a 1/3/5 wood set for $149 and $119 respectively.  So for $270 you could outfit yourself with a "better" brand set--and Adams makes some of...
Hogan Apex FTX's are nice sticks if your swing is decent.     I hadn't planned on selling mine (which are in hibernation in my basement), but if you're interested PM me as I have a lefty set in great shape.
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