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Just completed week 1 of Insanity.  Similar to P90X, but without the weights and props.  Feeling good and motivated to complete the full cycle.  Absolutely certain it will help my game.
  Great response, because you and I both know he'll be following.  Great experiment, very interesting.  Best of luck.    
Thanks.  Do you leave it there all the time, or just occasionally?
I'm one of those guys that uses his trunk primarily for golf storage year round.  Clubs, shoes, rain gear, dirty socks...   Just bought a Bushnell Tour V2.  I know myself and I will want to just leave it in my bag in the trunk.  Any opinions or personal experience?  The instructions that came with it didn't warn about temps from what I could see.
He sounded pretty honest in the interview I saw.  Said he kept falling back into his old patterns, which is something we can all relate to.
You can make an argument either way, and I guess that's the point of a debate.   I personally don't consider it a sport, but that's because I've had this conversation a million times with buddies over all sorts of activities.  I classify golf as an athletic competition.  Same with track and field events.  I only consider an activity a sport when the actions of your opponent directly affect your physical actions and the outcome of the game.  Football, soccer,...
Great post, thanks.
That is exactly what got me playing decent golf this year.  For the past several years, I was so focused on where the club was throughout the swing.  Instead, I now focus on my body and movements and really forget about the club.  It seems to be working well.
Couple recent comments on course management.  I like the idea of a beginner day, with instruction and discounted golf and items.  Good proactive management.   Also saw a comment I don't think was mentioned before, but again supports management as the driving force behind the length of a round.  When a course shoves foursomes out on the back 9, when the course is already crowded.  All the tricks in the world won't speed up your day when that occurs.  How many times...
What you just described is a sh*tty course in my mind.  Not enough staff, one guy working the pro shop?  How about the starter and the rangers?  And I completely disagree that people don't listen.  It is proven in every organization and industry that people will adapt and follow guidance and rules when properly indoctrinated and educated.  Do you think golf just became a gentleman's sport by chance?  No, new golfers followed the precedence set by those they watched and...
New Posts  All Forums: